Henry Cavill Said, “Geeky, But Then Make It Fashion”

Image via Instagram @henrycavill

Strong and geeky? Yes, please!

The Witcher and Justice League star Henry Cavill is the talk of the internet after he built a computer. Yes, that’s really it. That’s the sole reason that people on Instagram and Twitter are hot and bothered over the actor. But at the same time, can you blame them?

Superman himself decided to share a suggestive video of himself building his own custom PC while wearing his now-iconic blue tank top (which contributed to another thirst moment last month). The very act alone is no surprise for any Cavill fans. The actor has confidently shared several times before that he is a gaming geek. In fact, he famously shared the fact that he missed the call about his casting as everyone’s favorite Kryptonian because he was busy with a World of Warcraft raid.

But, the very act of watching Cavill building his own PC seems to have changed the game for many fans and internet users. And the moment has already led to the creation of several memes and tweets.



Could this be a new trend of geeky thirst? What other celebs would you love to see build computers, playing games, or providing for your gay geek/gaymer wet dreams? Let us know your choices down in the comments below.

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