“Hocus Pocus 2” Is Officially A Go & Will Cast A Spell On Disney+

If anyone is going to make cinematic magic and bring the iconic Hocus Pocus back to life, it’s the multi-talented Adam Shankman. Already in deep pre-production on the Enchanted sequel (cheekily titled Disenchanted) Shankman let the world know that he is officially on board to direct the much talked about (and endlessly elusive) Hocus Pocus sequel. When it comes to musical theatre, Shankman is known for movie “moments”, helping engineer John Travolta’s musical performance in Hairspray. We can be cautiously optimistic that a Bette Midler/”I Put A Spell On You”-esque moment of musical movie magic could be a sure bet in the forthcoming sequel. 

When the sequel was announced, the inevitable question was if it would be possible to once again bring together all of the ingredients that made Hocus Pocus such a magical film; namely, the original Sanderson Sisters (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy & Sarah Jessica Parker). Collider reports that screenwriter Jen D’Angelo is leading the mission to bring the old band back together, and has has been tasked with finding a way to bring back the original cast back for one more round of wicked-ness. Right now, none of the ladies are attached, but the studio remains “hopeful that they will be involved in the sequel in some capacity”. The project is in very early stages of development, so it is entirely possible that the ladies return as the original and main havoc-wreaking Sanderson sisters, or if they return to launch a brand new franchise, featuring a new coven of lovable and wicked witches.


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