Homophobe Slips Up, Tells The Truth At City Council Meeting

‘Straight Pride’ organizer Don Grundmann (screen capture)

In the end, the truth will out itself.

While addressing the city council of Modesto, California, Don Grundmann, one of the organizer’s of a proposed ‘Straight Pride’ parade, told the councilors he is a leader of “a totally peaceful, racist group.”

The room instantly burst into laughter at the blunder.

Watch below.

Grundmann tried to correct his comment, but the slip had those in attendance laughing so hard he couldn’t be heard over the hysteria.

Grundmann, who doesn’t even live in Modesto, is the co-founder of the ‘National Straight Pride Coalition’ with local resident Mylinda Mason.

Instinct recently reported on Mason’s adopted son, Matthew, who is openly gay and speaking out against the event and his mother.

Matthew told NBC News that he was home-schooled by his mother from kindergarten to 12th grade and was “raised to toe her party line.”

“Any sort of ideological deviation from her philosophy was grounds for punishment, so I quickly learned that I had to say what she wanted me to say and do what she wanted me to do — until I became an adult and I was free, and then I lived in my own truth, so that’s what I’m doing,” Matthew told NBC News.

The 28-year-old says his mother would bring him to anti-LGBTQ protests outside the annual LGBTQ prom in Hayward, California.

When NBC News spoke to the mother, she blamed her son’s homosexuality for their poor relationship.

“Homosexuals, in general, pull away from family and friends at some point,” she said, calling it “very typical.”

The Modesto News reports more than a hundred locals showed up to address the city council about the upcoming event.

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