Homophobic Man Avoids Jail Time After Biting Another Man’s Ear Off

According to the Northumbria Police Department, Martin Gallagher attacked a man in the bathroom of a Newcastle nightclub saying that the other man looked at his genitals while they peed at the urinals. Gallagher was intoxicated at the time and reacted by biting the other man’s ear off.


The attacker pleaded guilty to “assault occasioning grievous bodily harm” earlier this year. He was sentenced to two years on probation and a three month curfew. He is also forced to perform 200 hours of community service and pay the victim approximately $6,500 in compensation. It is important to note that the attacker was not given any jail time.

Detective Constable Lisa Common from the Northumbria Police department did not seem pleased with the verdict and said:

“This was an unprovoked attack on a complete stranger who had gone out that night to socialize with friends. Instead, he was confronted by a drunken male who was so out of control he bit the victim’s ear off. The victim has been left suffering not just permanent physical injury, but emotional trauma as a result of the incident. I hope he can take some comfort in the sentence that has been given today.”

When asked about motive, the attacker cited a “gay panic.”


On the attack, the victim said:

“[These have been] some of the most testing and strenuous times in my life. I’m still coming to terms with my new reflection and hope for a future to bring better days.”

h/t: lgbtqnation.com

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