Homophobic Oregon Councilman Avoids Confrontation About Child Pornography

In October we wrote about a councilmember from Echo, Oregon who had an online feud with gay documentary filmmaker Joe Wilson. Lou Nakapalau voiced his disgust for Wilson’s documentary Kumu Hina, insulting the filmmaker and saying he wished Wilson would “croak of AIDS” and “I’ll spit on your grave”.

Since the incident, Nakapalau has been under investigation and it was discovered that he was arrested in 1999 in Clark County, Washington because he was in possession of child pornography. According to YakTriNews, a probable cause report from the case stated the following:

I observed ten video images, depicting females engaged in masturbation and oral sex. Each picture shows females that have not developed breast, or pubic hair, appearing to be under 13 years of age.

In 2000, Nakapalau was arrested and he was sentenced to 540 days in jail for nine counts of possessing child pornography. Nakapalau served only 60 days and paid $1,310 in court fees in addition to $1,200 for a psycho-sexual evaluation plus 12 months of community supervision.

At a council meeting this week, Nakapalau was approached by a reporter from KAPP-KVEW asking him to comment on his previous record and his volunteer work with kids in the community. Nakapalau immediately left the council chambers saying “No comment.”

Here’s the video of the incident:

Mayor of Echo, Jeanne Hampton, mentioned she could not make any statements on Nakapalau’s previous conviction and that there were no offenses on record in Echo.

Further investigation into Nakapalau’s past, however, has uncovered an incident in Morrow County where Nakapalau was accused of Harassment Offensive Physical Contact against an underage victim in 2005.

Hmmmm, the plot thickens for the homophobic local politician.

Hampton has stated that further action on Nakapalau’s position on Echo city council would be up to a public vote after a formal complaint is filed. It would take at least a 50 percent approval to take action against this councilmember who does so much volunteer work with the youth and people of Echo, OR.

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