Homophobic Religious Videos Part of ‘Be Courageous’ Campaign

A series of videos are circulating promoting anti-gay gospel from a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The videos, which are homophobic in nature, are set to be shown at the “Be Courageous!” Convention for JWs which teach to stand up against members of the LGBTQ community—because the bible tells you so.

The videos have been leaked and are now circulating and causing fear and disappointment that the millions of people who will watch these videos are being told that intolerance toward others due to religious belief isn’t considered ‘hate speech’.

In everyday situations, including work, at home, and at school, the videos depict scenarios where folks should be able to denounce homosexuality in the name of God. I guess keeping your opinions to yourself is being thrown out the window. This is the type of behavior that incites hatred and causes division in families, friendships, and communities.

Take a look at the two of the videos that are part of the series here:





There’s even this animated version that targets children, but is still pretty cut throat under all those pretty colors. I mean, no gays in the eternal paradise? It won't be fabulous at all!



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