Homophobic Religious Videos Part of ‘Be Courageous’ Campaign

A series of videos are circulating promoting anti-gay gospel from a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The videos, which are homophobic in nature, are set to be shown at the “Be Courageous!” Convention for JWs which teach to stand up against members of the LGBTQ community—because the bible tells you so.

The videos have been leaked and are now circulating and causing fear and disappointment that the millions of people who will watch these videos are being told that intolerance toward others due to religious belief isn’t considered ‘hate speech’.

In everyday situations, including work, at home, and at school, the videos depict scenarios where folks should be able to denounce homosexuality in the name of God. I guess keeping your opinions to yourself is being thrown out the window. This is the type of behavior that incites hatred and causes division in families, friendships, and communities.

Take a look at the two of the videos that are part of the series here:





There’s even this animated version that targets children, but is still pretty cut throat under all those pretty colors. I mean, no gays in the eternal paradise? It won't be fabulous at all!



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  1. I escaped from it as an adult

    I escaped from it as an adult, thank goodness. It is EXTREMELY hard to grow up in the org as a LGBTQ+ youth. You are basically told that your feelings don't count, not to rely on your own intuition, that you can't trust yourself. You are told that it's not okay to be anything other than a cookie cutter version of a person. Women especially have it hard as they are only complimentary characters in the story of men. If you are beaten and ask for help you are told to endure it. If you are molested by someone else in the hall, unless two witnesses saw it, it didn't happen. The mental and emotional injury you endure trying to be a normal human being can be overwhelming. It's not just that they believe that 144,000 are the only ones going to heaven with the other JWs living forever on earth, they believe that EVERYONE else is going to be mowed down like animals, their carcasses rotting in the street while birds attack their bodies. That is what you learn as a child growing up, seeing pictures of it in the weekly magazines and books. They use fear, of death and shunning, to keep people in. They also keep people ignorant by telling them to avoid "apostate" literature, which is anything that tells you the truth about the organization and it's shady history.

  2. I want to share some

    I want to share some information with you regarding homosexuality and the fact that it is not a sin.  This is something that can be proven both within and outside of the publications from Watchtower Bible and Tract society.  For now, I'm only going to focus on the material from within the organization and I'm going to start with 1 Cor 6:9. Get yourself a copy of the silver edition of the New World Translation with references (the silver sword),  the previous edition of the New World Translation with references (the black cover), the Kingdom Interlinear of the Christian Greek Scriptures and the Insight of the Scriptures volume 1.  All of these publications can also be found at jw.org. 

    I want you to see how the governing body has deviated from what Jehovah actually said about who would not inherit the kingdom.  What Jehovah said and what the governing body said is literally like night and day. What the governing body has done is nothing short of blasphemy.  They have literally written their own prejudice right into scripture to the tuned frequency of its obeying audience with very few brothers and sisters even caring enough to question the governing body's stunt. 

    Starting with the Kingdom interlinear at 1:Cor 6:9 there are two Greek words there:  "malakos" and "arsenokoitai", which you can see mean "soft" and "liers with males".  Neither term limits their subject to any particular gender.   But from this point onward, the governing body begins its tainted trajectory.  Their first stunt deals with the Greek word "malakos".  As you can see with the kingdom interlinear, they added the word "men" to soft, hence the brackets.  And without any footnote, they go straight to their blasphemy of a rendition of "nor men kept for unnatural purposes" as their so called translation in the black reference Bible.  Not one word of that "translation" has any relationship to the Greek word "malakos" which the Kingdom Interlinear without their addition says means "soft".  And with no support linking "malakos" to Romans 1 they list that scripture as a cross-reference to support their blatant deviation.  Their second stunt can be found in the footnote of the black reference Bible.  The first lie the footnote lists is "nor Sodomites" as an understanding/parallel for the Greek word arsenokoitai.  It is abundantly clear that when Paul penned the word "arsenokoitai", he did not make any reference/comparison/ parallel, etc. whatsoever to ANY city, let alone one named Sodom or any derivative of that name. As proof of this here is the Greek word for Sodom: "Sódoma"; and here is the Greek word Paul actually used: "arsenokoitai".  The two words are not even close to being related.  So now with Sodom and its homosexual lie added to the mix via the "Sodomite" reference, the ground is fertile enough for the translators to introduce their next stunt:  the addition of the word "men" to "liers with males".  So now instead of working with what Paul said according to the kingdom interlinear it now goes from "liers with males" to "MEN who lie with men".      The silver sword takes this lie further with arsenokoitai by adding "MEN" a second time for a total of three.   They took the black reference Bible' s lie of "MEN who lie with men" and contracted it down to the phrase "homosexuality" and just added their second "MEN" to it making the silver sword read "MEN who practice HOMOSEXUALITY".  And if you look at the footnote of the silver sword Bible they have the literal as being "men who lie with men". That is a bald faced lie when you look at what they say the literal is in the footnote of the black reference Bible and the literal that's found in the Kindgdom Interlinear itself.  The silver sword's malakos rendering is an even bigger lie.  The governing body already added men to "soft" as the kingdom Interlinear shows in the brackets with the black reference Bible's translation completely deviating from Greek.  The silver sword adds MEN two more times with its rendition of "MEN who submit to HOMOSEXUAL ACTS", when the Greek provides no support for that whatsoever. So you can now see the back bending gymnastics the bigoted, homophobic governing body has done to try to change God's word to make it as a weapon against gays, specifically men.  Now compare their blasphemy to the simple truth of who Jehovah via Paul was actually excluding from god's kingdom.  Sometimes even a liar will inadvertently spill the truth.  In your Insight on the Scriptures vol 1, turn to page 434 and look under the heading of CHILD, CHILDREN

    If you look at the first paragraph, the third from the last sentence says the following: "Among the Greek terms are teʹknon (child), te·kniʹon (little child), pai·diʹon (young child), and arʹsen (male child). (Mt 10:21; Joh 13:33; Mt 2:8; Re 12:13)"

    The Greek word Paul used at 1 Cor 6:9 was ARSENokoitai.  I have ARSEN in all caps for a reason.  The Insight book clearly has ARSEN meaning MALE CHILD and they use Rev 12:13 which uses the same ARSEN that's also in ARSENokoitai at 1 Cor 6:9 to support it. The context in Rev 12:13 identifies a reference to a child.  With all of this in mind, go back at 1 Cor 6:9 and this time, let scripture speak for itself.  When Paul used the phrase "liers with males", he didn't identify the gender of who was doing the laying. The original Greek left it open, but the governing body's blasphemous rendering did not. They did just the opposite of what Jehovah did and unsuccessfully jumped through every kind of hoop to try to get away with adding MEN to it as a weapon against gays.  But Jehovah said no such thing, he clearly was condemning ANYONE, MALE OR FEMALE who lay with a MALE CHILD.  And when you look at the context and the setting of Paul's time, the abuse of boys existed during that time, and yet Jehovah was delicately able to condemn the abuse regardless of the gender involved and more importantly without importing a homosexuality concept of any kind or making a reference of any kind to a city named Sodom. 

    The tragedy in all of this is the unimaginable damage and pain being done to gay witnesses all over the globe.  Most witnesses will not even be motivated to fact check the governing body's translation but will instead assist in the slow, internal suicide of our gay brothers and sisters by wishing them options that they as straight individuals would never wish upon themselves. But fortunately their cry for help is growing and friends are starting to listen to them. What the governing body has done is sad and it's sickening, because as you can clearly see  Jehovah NEVER said that they would be barred from his kingdom.  The governing body is the LYING homophobe, not Jehovah. And believe it or not, more witnesses are starting to see that.

  3. They don’t actually believe

    They don't actually believe in hell. They believe everyone apart from the 144,000 will live in a communist utopia on earth forever.

  4. If I felt that strongly, and

    If I felt that strongly, and was so put-off by the (rather) pushy people in the store, I would simply turn on my heel and leave…I surely wouldn't patronise the place!

    This is a really crappy ad – both in quality and in its message of intolerance.

    Jesus must be rolling in his tomb!

  5. This from the cult that has

    This from the cult that has the most churn or turnover of members.  They believe that only 144,000 will reach heaven, yet they are more than 144,000, so that means that many of them will go to hell.   They have to scare people into joining in order to get more stupid sheep to follow their crazy beliefs.  

    • I’m in the cult myself (it’s

      I'm in the cult myself (it's pretty Damm hard to leave for people that don't know) and I just wanted to clarify on this, JW's don't believe in hell, they believe 144000 are selected and rule alongside Jesus in heaven after Armageddon, the rest will live on earth in a perfect paradise


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