Houston Drag Queen Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey has had horrible effects on Houston, yet in the midst of it all we have seen humanity shine through. There are many ways to give to the relief efforts and people have stepped up to the plate. Local Houston Drag Queens have done the same, and in the process have raised thousands of dollars.


Regina Thorne-DuBois couldn’t get out of her house to make it to her scheduled show. While her house wasn’t affected by the flooding, the streets around her were. And as many of us know, very few things can keep a queen from performing.

Thorne-DuBois had a brilliant idea. She and other queens decided to perform through Facebook live. They allowed people to send in tips which would be donated to those affected by Harvey. Without knowing fulling what would happen, the queens started performing. As people continued to watch and give, the one hour event turned into a nine hour “drag-a-thon.”

The show raised $3,000 and was given to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Thorne-DuBois then held another twelve hour “drag-a-thon” a few days later, raising $1,800 which was donated to the Montrose Center, an LGBT community center in Houston. 

Saying of the show and the money raised by the LGBT community and it’s allies they “are more numerous and far reaching than people think.”

Thorne-DuBois said it felt “amazing” to be able to raise thousands of dollars and give back. 

While those in the community know, Drag Queens love to give back and be apart of community efforts, while entertaining everyone. Keep up the great work ladies and I know we will continue to hear great stories from the LGBT community working to help rebuild Houston.

H/T: NBC News

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