How The ‘All Stars 4’ Eliminations Should Go

We are less than one month away from the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, which will kick off December 14th on VH1.

It feels as if we were just finishing up both season 10 and All Stars 3 recently, but here we are again! It’s totally understandable as to why World of Wonder and the network would want to start things up so soon given the momentum this show has had in 2018. They practically swept the reality categories at the 2018 Emmys and have continued their ascension to the top of pop culture with every catchphrase these queens come up with.

AS4 could potentially be a phenomenal season given the bevy of talent that is competing. You have 8 newbies to this RPDR spinoff and two that are returning for a second chance at that coveted title. Within ten of these queens there is one, at least from my POV, that is a clear winner.

Just a heads up: I know nothing about anything regarding how the show will develop, this is just my opinion on how I think the eliminations could possibly go if I had it my way. So please take this list with a grain of salt… hunties.

See below for how I think the order should go, from last to first, on All Stars 4.

10. Monique Heart (Season 10). It’s very difficult to do a show like this when your season just finished. Two have done very well in the past (Chad Michaels won AS1 shortly after season 4 finished and Katya made top 3 in AS2 right after season 7 was done) but suffice to say its hard for any queen to really make it that far when you still really aren’t on an “all-star” level in your career yet. To me, Monique isn’t ready yet, as she was more known for her catchphrases and putting together outfits last minute (sickening still). She would fare better in an All Stars 5 or 6 level, but then again… I could be wrong.

9. Farrah Moan (Season 9). Farrah, like Monique, was a GIF/MEME queen. She didn’t do well at all in her season outside of her fantastic fashion choices. Her promo mentioned that she has her game face on, but I still think her personality pales in comparison to the very strong ones that will be competing alongside of her. It will be interesting, however, to see how her and Valentina’s dynamic will play out given how dramatically things ended with them in season 9.

8. Gia Gunn (Season 6). She’ll bring the attitude that’s needed and necessary for a show like this the same way (if not more) than she did in season 6. It’s also amazing that Gia is the first openly trans queen to compete on All Stars. I’m torn between if she will go the distance or if she’ll leave early as her first go around wasn’t exactly that spectacular. If she’s able to get it together in the challenges and not just in her reading abilities, then she could definitely be a force in this game.

7. Jasmine Masters (Season 7). If there is ever a queen to get “Ru-demption” then Jasmine takes the cake. She went out 3rd on S7 in a very ballsy kind of manner, so this would be a great chance for her to give viewers a different and hopefully elongated side that we didn’t see the first time around.

6. Trinity Taylor (Season 9). Trinity to me seems to be a middle of the road kind of queen. She’s one of the more vocally ferocious ones of the group, so it will be interesting to see how she plays the game, but I don’t really see her winning that crown in the end as I sometimes forget that she was even in the final four back in season 9.

5. Monet X Change (Season 10). Yes, her and Monique were on the same season, but Monet went way further than her and could’ve won had it not been for her placing in the bottom so many times (I still think she won that lip sync against Kameron Michaels). To me, Monet is more focused and readier for something like this and can easily go far if she plays her cards right both in the competition and the strategy.

4. Latrice Royale (Season 4 and AS1). I think pretty much everyone in the world would love to see Latrice win… but that’s to her detriment. If she makes it this far, regardless of how she plays the game, it will be tough for her to win or not get eliminated due to her likability. Fingers crossed though.

3. Valentina (Season 9). I’m torn between Val and who I have in second place as it could go either way. I’m no fool: Valentina is not getting eliminated early on. She’s too polarizing for that. But I do see her trying to right a wrong with the lip sync snafu that happened in her season and dominating the competition to a certain level.

2. Naomi Smalls (Season 8). Naomi is the wild card here, but I see her making it to the end. People slept on her in season 8, primarily because it was the Bob/Kim show… but she stood next to them in finale night and rightfully so. Expect that to happen again in AS4.

1. Manila Luzon (Season 3 and AS1). It’s Manila’s game to lose in my opinion. She’s incredibly smart, fashionable, wise and talented beyond belief. That’s not taking anything away from the other 9, but I do believe it’s her time to finally win something she should’ve won many moons ago (sorry, Raja).

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