How To Stay Cool In A Heat Wave (Or Not)

Ignacio Pérez Rey (via Instagram)

We’re in the dead of summer, and there’s a heat wave spreading across the U.S.

According to, it looks like we won’t be seeing any relief until early next week.

We figure if it’s going to be hot, let’s enjoy it. So we’re checking in on some of our favorite celebs and InstaHunks to see what they’re doing to beat the heat.

Ignacio Pérez Rey (above) says the answer is cold showers. Lots and lots of cold showers.

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ducha o muerte 💀🔥 @ossmenwear

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Fitness trainer Ramses Principe says he was chilling with three pints of ice cream last night.

Britney Spears’ main squeeze, fitness model Sam Asghari, says when Brit-Brit is in the mood for moves, they hit it.

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What she makes me do 🙄😂😍 @britneyspears

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Nightlife promoter Tony “Beef Bearrito” thinks indoors will do just fine.

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Woofy Joe Blizzard describes himself as “a bit of a nerd, introverted and shy…” Uh-huh.

Brazilian travel blogger Rodiney Santiago is all smiles at Manhattan Beach in California.

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Live your life, do what YOU want, not what everyone expects you to do or be. I don't live my life to please the haters, I live my life to please myself, the people who love and support me. What's important to me is not others opinions of me, but what's important to me is my opinion of myself . I take my conscience more serious than my reputation, because my conscience is who I am and my reputation is what people think of ME. And what the others think is their problem. Just smile and try your best To be in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, because it reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. #rodineysantiago #smile #beach #beachworkout #rodineymotivation photo by 📸 @alfiecinematic

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Instagrammer Randyland decided to hitch a ride to Provincetown for some Bear Week beach fun – “Hey sailor…”

UK TV personality and fitness guy ’King’ David McIntosh says he can’t even think of a caption for this post “Cos my brains so cooked from Miami, I can’t think of one.”

Cheyenne Jackson is walking it out in rehearsals for Into The Woods at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles next weekend. Check out his new take on ‘Prince Charming:’

DJ Thiago Oliveira (Daddy Wolf) had enough of the heat (he was in Hell’s Kitchen, so there you go…) 

Rick and the Griffopotamus are out on Lake Lanier in Georgia in a stare-down with the sun. “Lookin at the sun like, ‘Damn, sis. You extra fiery today. Why you so lit?’”

Out college athlete Jake Bain is being a beach bum getting baked out on Hilton Head Island.

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Beach bum😎 #lazyday

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International pop star Ricky Martin is actually turning UP the heat, and not in the way we’re used to. Martin has been down in Puerto Rico helping fire up protesters who are raising their voices in response to leaked homophobic and sexist text messages between Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his associates.

“Where’s the beef?” Hunky artist & model Steve Raider knows the way…

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Right over there where dreams come alive 🖤🐉

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Even in the heat, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is out in neighborhoods talking to folks at the Veteran’s Community Project.

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