Human Ken Doll Wants To Be A Fitness Model?

What is a fitness model?  Is it someone that models how to be fit? Well … that may be a stretch with the Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves.  He has revealed that his next goal is to be a fitness model.

'I've already had so many procedures and want to avoid having more, to become a fitness model. I want to lose as much weight as I can and I'm living off air and liquid at the moment.' –

If I haul my ass to the gym and find out from my trainer that his healthy diet is air and liquid and he spent over £373,000 on cosmetic surgery, I may rethink my membership. 

Now, we are all open to do what we want to do in life, but you may want to practice what you preach in order to motivate others.  Alves is apparently working out like crazy in order to avoid another round of liposuction.

'People say to me that I look so fit, but darling, my abs are fake. I have £22k silicone implants. My arms are fake and full of filler. I'm not fit at all. I can't even run a mile. I am out of breath and shaking and about to faint at any moment. But I am trying.' –

We do applaud Alves for working hard at trying to get to a weight and size that is acceptable to himself.  It is always good to have a positive body image. But it may be a while before we see you as a serious fitness model.

That's my opinion, not the magazine's.  What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Human Ken Doll Wants To Be A Fitness Model?”

  1. If he’d focused on his

    If he'd focused on his fitness, rather than trying to look "fit," then he could've saved himself thousands of dollars and had a perfectly healthy, attractive body. Instead, he thought he could cheat his way to success by buying a grossly unnatural one that is anything but healthy. You'll never see him as a fitness model. There are just some things that $$ can't buy.

  2. Why do people think they can

    Why do people think they can just keep adding adding adding shit to their faces? Implants, fillers, lifts… just makes everything very horsey looking. Adding implants to your body is absurd and they don't move properly like real tissue. At least if he had some real muscle definition, then the implants may augment what's already there. But the kid's body is veal with a costume on top. 


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