Hunks Twerk In The Gym!

Hunks Twerk In The Gym!

Now This Is A Work Out I Can Get Down With!

SEXY! Okay, like some of us, I can easily tell whether a video is natural or gimmicked to garner likes, shares, and viral fame on social media. Some videos nowadays are so directed and performed by those who were never meant to be actors that we can’t help but eye roll. Not everyone is meant to be an internet celebrity. However, if you put a bunch of nearly naked studs in a gym with sweaty, oily bodies moving in ways which would turn on nearly anyone – you have the ingredients for a perfectly shareable viral video!

The video showcases some beefcakes shaking their junk in grey sweatpants. YES! Finally men everywhere are getting the memo that no one wants to see them working out in black anymore! It leaves so much mystery to the body! Their efforts to gain attention are hilariously received well by fellow gym members who begin laughing along with them and recording. Where is this gym?! I need to get myself a membership and await the next time a poppin’ song comes on so I can dance with these guys!

Check out the hotties for yourself in the video below:

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