Hunky Matthew Camp’s New Video Project Needs Co-Stars

The oh-so-woofy actor/model/designer Matthew Camp is working on a new video project and you could be a part of it.

If you follow his social media, you know Camp is an intoxicating blend of good-looking country boy with a side of danger. Chatting with him can be a disarmingly charming equation.

The social media sensation (over half a million followers on Instagram alone) first attracted attention some years ago after moving to NYC and becoming a go-go boy.

But starring roles in indie movies like Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (which was loosely based on his life) and the experimental Sock Job quickly sent Matthew’s star into a new orbit.

At the same time, he was encouraged by friends to design his own line of t-shirt and leather gear fashions. Matthew says he took a couple of classes in construction and pattern making a few years ago for the ABCs of it all, but admits to having an interest in fashion since he was a kid. Plus, he launched a line of provocatively named fragrances (8.5, Transgression) that are inspired by and conjure up his memories of working in bars around sexy men.

A big proponent of the sex-positive movement, he’s also an ambassador for Oraquick, the home HIV test. Matthew is big on encouraging people to know their status by getting tested on a regular basis and owning your own sexual health.

His new video project delves into a person’s sexual personality by exploring formative sexual experiences from their past. The format will be a hybrid of documentary/experimental art film and the producers are looking for folks to take part in the project on camera with Matthew. 

Hit the play button to hear the woofy Mr. Camp chat all these topics and more. 

Here’s just a bit of our Q&A with the hunky 34-year-old. 

Instinct: Hey hey, Matthew!

Matthew Camp: Hey Randy, how are you?

Instinct: I’m great – tell me about your new project…

MC: Well, I’m not sure exactly how much I’m supposed to really talk about the specifics. But, I’m really excited about it.

It’s basically a few of the sexual experiences that I’ve had that I found to be more on the profound side. It’s sort of like a re-enactment of those things.

I feel like a lot of times when you see men that are having a sexual encounter, it’s not – I don’t wanna sound like a romance novel – but it’s not romantic at all. It’s very animalistic, which is great, but also, there are other sides to sexuality that are softer and more about communing. So, we’re exploring those kinds of ideas.



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Instinct: When will the public see some of this?

MC: We’re starting to shoot next week, so I think that it will take two to three months, maybe, to have a turnaround, considering editing. So, pretty soon.

Instinct: With so many social media followers, do you feel a pressure to keep coming up with fresh content?

MC: Of course. I definitely feel that way, but I also know that you can go to the well too many times. And so, I think it’s really about building strong neuro-connections with the people that are consuming your product.

So, you don’t wanna blast them with the same content over and over again. It’s like a drug, they’re gonna get used to it, you gotta switch it up, and you gotta give them a diverse emotional landscape. It can’t just all be d*ck, d*ck, d*ck, d*ck, d*ck – they need a little bit of everything.

Instinct: One of the things that I think sets you apart on Instagram, and this is just my opinion, and I mean this in the best way possible, is some of the popular accounts I follow can get a little ‘slick.’ Perhaps a little too polished. Your Instagram account never looks like you’re trying too hard to impress.

MC: Thank you, I appreciate that.



Instinct: Also, in addition to being an actor and model, you’re a designer. T-shirts, leather gear… and fragrances. You have three fragrances now – 8.5, Camp and Transgression. How did you get involved in fragrances?

MC: I was playing around at a friend’s house with some oils, and just created 8.5. Of course, I’ve edited it since then, a little bit, but it’s pretty much the same original formula. I like fragrances, because they conjure up feelings without words. And I think that’s extremely strong communication. And what is art but communicating with people’s subconscious?

Instinct: Is it hard to date Matthew Camp, when you have half a million followers on Instagram who know your life to a certain degree?

MC: I think that it can be very difficult to navigate that space. Relationships are very difficult to begin with, anyway. Especially long term ones, and romantic ones, at that.

So, I really try and maintain friendships with people, more than sexual relationships. Or even, romantic relationships, I should say.

But, I was dating someone recently, and they were very conflicted about my work. I think on one side, I appealed to their business mind, and they like that I make money, and I’m self-sufficient. But, I think on the other side, they also were very jealous.

So, yeah, it definitely can take a toll on my personal life. But I’ve kind of melded the two into one now, so I don’t really have a personal life anymore now. It’s just all Matthew Camp, all the time (laughing).



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Instinct: One more thing – you’re a big proponent of getting tested for HIV and knowing your status. With the advent of in-home testing available, that’s become a lot easier, hasn’t it?

MC: I definitely think it takes away sort of the fear element of it. And a lot of people don’t have health insurance either – it’s expensive to go to the doctor and get tested if you don’t have health insurance. Then you’re stuck at a Planned Parenthood, if you don’t have health insurance. I think it’s great that people can take their own health into their own hands.

Instinct: Thanks for chatting, Matt. Good luck on the new project!

MC: Thank you, it was nice talking to you.


You can follow Matthew Camp on Instagram by clicking here.

And if you’d like to submit yourself for casting in his new video project write to The project will be shot in New York state. Producers ask for serious submissions only, and only via email.



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  1. I so wish Matthew was around

    I so wish Matthew was around when I was a young man! I would have been woofing around him all the time – just to check that hot aroma he’s personified in his fragrances! 

    Good luck with the new film project and everything you do! 


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