Instinct chats to Brad Mondo, the newest YouTube sensation, and all around hottie

Brad Mondo has rapidly risen to success over the past few months. The hairdresser is racking up millions of views on his videos reacting to terrible hair dye jobs, unfortunate bangs, and the infamous America's Next Top Model makeovers that happen every season.


Brad has become a star in his own right, making waves as a New York based hairstylist, to this newfound career he has carved out as a YouTuber, We managed to grab a quick chat with Brad to talk to him about his growing success, who he'd like to collaborate with most, and what's next for Mr. Mondo!

Hi Brad! Great to speak to you today! You’re so close to 1 million subscribers on YouTube, how excited are you right now?


Very excited I can't believe it! Happened so fast.



You’ve become extremely popular in the YouTube community with your videos of yourself reacting to people totally ruining their hair. As a hairdresser, how anxious do you get for these people?


So Anxious! But I have to admit it's pretty funny to watch. If you're going to do something drastically different to your hair than GO TO A SALON. It's not as easy as it looks.


I’m a huge fan of you myself, and the Top Model makeover reactions you post give me all kinds of life. Of all the makeovers you’ve seen from the show, do you have a favourite and least favourite standout?



The standout for me was my most recent ANTM makeover reaction video I did. Cycle 24 where one of the contestants had alopecia. It was really inspiring watching her remove her wig and show her bald head on national television. She WORKED IT. 

My least favorite was the girl who got a horrible mullet (I forget her name). It wasn't even a cool mullet it was just awful lol. Fun fact: she actually messaged me after she watched my video and laughed about her mullet makeover with me.


Let’s talk about you. Specifically, your severe style. Each video and Instagram post you bring to us has a LOOK. Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?



first of all thank you. My fashion inspiration comes from literally everywhere that's why I'm so all over the place with my fashion. One day I'll wear neon pink and the next all black. Most of the inspiration comes from other people's instagrams. I have a saved folder on my phone of all my fashion inspiration. I like people that a weird, different and edgy. But yea I don't really look up to celebrities or anything mostly just regular people on instagram and on the streets of NYC cause everyone here is badass and cool.


You change your hair quite frequently. Do you have a favourite past hairstyle of your own?


Having long hair and a man bun is always fun. Sometimes I miss it but I definitely like my short hair more.



And as a very accomplished hairdresser yourself, what is your favourite hairstyle to do?


I like styling hair more than coloring or cutting. I like giving girls the "cool girl" hair. Messy tousled beach waves, a little dirty looking. Always super sexy.



You don’t hold back when giving criticism to people on your videos, but it always seems to be constructive. Do you ever receive backlash from anybody in the videos?


Surprisingly not. Everyone I've ever made a video about usually comments the video or messages me thanking me and laughing. I always think how weird it must be for that person, when they are just randomly in one of my videos.


You’re as obsessed with Jenna Marbles as we are. Has she reached out to you yet to let you do her hair? We need a Brad X Jenna collaboration like, now.


-I'd totally love to collab with her obvs. I have reached out to her but have not received a response. I don't blame her though. I'm sure she's super busy so its all good. I feel like a creepy stalker fan at this point cause I keep making videos about her and I still have not had one conversation with her lol.



As a member of the LGBT community yourself, we feel you put out a positive message. You seem totally genuine on camera, and it’s really refreshing to see that. Do you feel you encourage guys and girls who are struggling with their identity to be themselves?


ME? GAY?! lolll jk. Thank you i appreciate you saying I put out a positive message. I get lots of messages from younger kids saying that I inspire them to be themselves which makes me so happy to hear. I really do try and encourage people to be true to themselves and wear whatever they want and be whatever they want. It took me so long for me to break out of my shell and stop caring about what other guys thought about me so hopefully I can encourage people to do that earlier in life than I did.


Who is the one person you’d like to collaborate on your channel more than anybody else?



Kaia Gerber. I'm in love with her.


Britney or Christina?



Britney obvs


Blonde or Brunette?





Face framing bangs or snatched back and tight?



Snatched back


Favourite song of all time?



No idea


Worst thing in fashion right now?



the ugly sneaker trend. ugh it's so bad.


Thanks! So where can people find you on social media?



thank you!

Instagram and Twitter @bradmondonyc

YouTube @bradmondo


And finally. What is next for Brad Mondo?


Big things!! My own hair product line?? 😉


Brad is the COOLEST! We want to be him when we grow up.

Take a look at Brad reacting to one of our favourite ANTM makeovers below



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