Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is the Magnificent Gil Pimentel

Gil Pimentel is someone who I got to know through a recent article I did about Rhode Island Pride back in June.

When I was doing my recap about the exhilarating weekend for thousands of New Englanders (you can see more about that here), I noticed a ton of photos that featured this studly creature gallivanting all throughout its capital city of Providence. I friend requested him on Facebook shortly after, where I discovered just how fascinating he really is.

The 27-year-old, who is based in Provi (separate recap here) is the child of two immigrant parents from the Azores region of Portugal. He wound up, like many of us, growing up gay in a small town only for him to emerge as one of the biggest public figures in the Rhode Island LGBT scene many years later.

He is a constant fixture in the Providence nightlife, which is still one of the best cities in the country for the LGBTQ community as there are a plethora of gay bars and nightclubs to experience while there. 

Gil has been one of the premiere go-go dancers at the iconic Dark Lady, which he's been doing for 8 plus years at this point. The world of go-go dancing has men come and go, but rarely ever stay as long as GIl has without getting burned out by the experience. Based on the support he has from the community and the jubilation he exhibits in his photos, its safe to say he'll be keeping up with this profession for many years to come.

Here are some fun facts about Gil:

Favorite Artist: Stevie Nicks, Beyoncé 

Favorite Movie: Miss Congeniality

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman

Hobbies: Cosplay, Traveling

Favorite Place To Be: Beach

Profession: Go-Go dancer at the Dark Lady, Makeup Artist and Banker

Favorite Dog Breed: Corgi!

Favorite Animals: Elephants, Manatees 

Aspirations In Life: To become a paramedic and to dance around the world!

For more information on Gil, you can follow him on Instagram here.


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