Iraqi Student Stabbed, Killed Because Of His Hair, Fashion, Flamboyance.


Social media across Iraq has been full of messages of remembrance and anger in response to the killing of an Iraqi student/actor.  Karar Noushi was found dead in Baghdad, succumbing to the multiple stab wounds he received some time during or after being kidnapped by the militia.

It had been reported that militia members had threatened Noushi because of his flamboyant mannerisms and tight clothes he wore.

One site shared a graphic photo of what is allegedly Karar's body in a pile of rubble with this comment:

Karrar , a young artist man killed by unknown groups , kidnapped and exposed to torture till death. It is a great violation against human rights, is his blond long hair made you kill him ??! This man has been killed in Islamic area, at the time Islam gave the freedom to chose the life you want, so why you did that?
I want to convey my message to all people around the world to watch how the guys live in Iraq !

It is unfortunate to hear stories like this happening, but they must be shared.  A life was snuffed out, because of what? Long hair? Fashion? How insecure are these supposed straight religious people?


Mosa Al-Omari also snubbed the “mentality” behind Noushi’s killing. “What a strange mentality, they killed him because of his photos on social media and under the pretext that he does not represent Iraqis. As if you represent Iraqis!” he wrote on Twitter. –



Yousif Alghalibi added in disdain: “Your clothes and your hairstyle made you a readymade prey for blood suckers. Family of the young Karar Noushi confirms news of his killing. His body was found hours after his kidnapping,” –

In the hopes to keep his spirit alive and possibly make some change for the future, pictures and videos like this one originally posted on Facebook on June 21st have ben reshared.



Killed because he liked fashion, looked different, acted, and had a unique style. 

Our hearts go out to Karar Noushi's family, friends, and all of Baghdad. 



It is not the first time that an Iraqi male has been killed for the way he dressed or behaved and before the rise of ISIS as a Caliphate in Iraq in 2014. In March 2012, dozens of Iraqi teenagers were killed for donning “Emo” hair styles.  –


Beyond sad.

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