Is Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” Filled With Pop Superstar Cameos?

With the release of the immediately infectious “Stupid Love”, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album is already being mentioned as one of her best. With fifteen more songs yet to come and songwriting and producing heavyweights like Max Martin, Tchami, and Ryan Tedder (also the lead singer of One Republic) being mentioned as collaborators on the material, Chromatica seems poised to be an unbridled success. 

While the songwriting all star squad is stacked with proven winners, it’s the heavy rumors of the collaborations that are happening on this album that are getting the most buzz leading up the the album’s scheduled release on April 10th. For one, it was reported today in numerous tweets that there is a collaboration on the previously named #LG6 between Gaga, pop princess Ariana Grande, and South Korean K-Pop superstars Balckpink. (Eagle eyed followers recently noticed that Ariana and Gaga recently started following each other, and BloodPop (co-executive producer of Chromatica) is now following Balckpink.

The next rumor caught fire on the internet earlier this morning when it was reported that two of the biggest pop stars could be collaborating on Chromatica-Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. (Allegedly, the song Gaga & Spears might be collaborating on is a rework of a song from Britney’s Blackout album that Gaga has restructured). The song will be representing the color “black” as all of the songs on the album reportedly are representative of a color on the color wheel hence the word chromatic (with “Stupid Love” representing the vibrant pink, made clear in the rose colored hue featured throughout the video).

The countdown to Chromatica continues, possibly more anticipated than before. The album drops April 10th, 2020.

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