Is There Such A Thing As A “Gay Hello?”

Screenshots via YouTube @Michael Henry

Michael Henry is back with an new video that has laughing, shaking our heads, and maybe questioning the way we greet our friends.

In his latest video, in which Little Shop of Horrors and Matt & Dan star Matt Wilkas guest stars, Henry contemplates just how gay men greet each other. But being a comedic video, the story goes off the rails very quickly. From the simple cheek kiss hello to a full-on ear licking session, this video gets pretty crazy.

Just how intimate is too intimate? Are gay men fighting toxic masculinity by letting their walls down and getting up close? All jokes aside, this video does start some interesting conversation.

But maybe that’s for a later day. ‘Cause right now, we just want to watch Matt Wilkas rock Michael Henry’s world. If you want to join us, you can watch the video below.

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