Israeli Government Paves Way to Make Same-Sex Adoption Easier

I know one day I'd like to have kids. Not any time soon, I mean I don't even have a boyfriend, but I would like to when I am older. While the U.S. still does not make it easy in every state to adopt, Israel is paving the way to make it easier for homosexual couples to adopt. 

Adoption has been legal in Israel for homosexual couples, however it has not always been the easiest. Usually same-sex couples were granted adoption when there was no suitable heterosexual couple for the child. It also takes longer for same-sex couples and by law are considered “individual adoptive parents.”

The Israeli Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services told the State Attorney’s Office “it has no objection to the practice.” Going forward they plan to look at the criteria and "will address the potential parents’ suitability for a given child, regardless of sexual orientation."

The law will need to be amended to make the accommodations, but LGBT activists are confident that it will be changed quickly.

We can only hope that legislation in the U.S. continues to progress to make adoption easier for same-sex couples. 


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