It’s Time To Treat Yourself With A Lil Something Something

‘Tis the season to get your stocking stuffed … or stuff someone else’s … or stuff your own!  With 2021 winding down and 2022 needing to be a great year, what better way to start it off with a little comfort and joy and a package delivered free to your back door (yes, a little sex toy humor). 


Director Brad Hammer polishes off his wide lens and points it toward real-life boyfriends Colby Melvin and Xavier Robitaille for a fun and festive video shoot. We’ve seen a lot of Colby over the years, chatted with him many times, enjoyed seeing his career blossom, and covered him working with before. This holiday season, it’s wonderful to see his happiness embraced in this new video.  Not only is a cute video, but it also delivers a nice discount code.

Besides the eye candy, I also enjoyed the music, ‘A Little Bit of Love This Christmas’ (licensed through Audio Jungle). But I do want to know how many cookies those tight bodied studs ate while filming!

So, is it time for you to get some pleasure out of 2021?  You can use code Santa at AdamMale for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US & Canada on orders over $20. *some items not eligible for full discount. You can use this link to bring you to the site and it will add the coupon automatically.


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Thanks Colby (IG: colbymelvin) and Xavier (IG: robitaille_xavier).  Other people enjoyed the video, too.  You can head over to the Facebook posting of this video and leave your comments along with some other great and positive ones like:

Hummmm…. this made me smile… I’ve known a few gay couples who truly live their lives out this way!
They are enjoying their lives together as a couple.And enjoying each other as well. Good luck to all gay couples.
J la voir trés mignon e vraiment ils sont amoureux c 2 la..dieu vs bénit (I think he’s very cute and really they’re in love god bless you)
Tout le monde à le droit aux bonheur (Everyone deserves to be happy)
And if you need any more convincing to buy something to pleasure yourself or someone you love this holiday season at a pretty substantial discount, know that Adam Male Gives Back …

How you help us make a difference …

More than 20% of our profits are donated to charitable organizations, such as DKT International. DKT provides funding for family planning and HIV/AIDS and STD prevention around the world. Our parent company, Adam and Eve, is heavily committed to giving back, with company and employee involvement in local charities, schools, community groups, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Relay for Life and the Special Olympics.
Bravo!  And see, by giving yourself some joy, you’re giving someone else some needed assistance, too.
Happy Holidays.

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