Jackie Warner Claims Jillian Michaels Would “Spit On People” In Public

One of the women credited with having one of the first high-profile programs on Bravo appeared on the Hot Takes & Deep Dives With Jess Rothschild and dropped some shocking claims about fellow former reality star and fitness maven Jillian Michaels. Jackie Warner (formerly of Bravo’s early reality offering Work Out) stated on the podcast that Michaels (former of The Biggest Loser) used to “spit on people” when they would go out to eat at restaurants. She went on to say that “We’d get thrown out of nice restaurants because she was screaming loud, cursing, and I couldn’t take it”.

Photograph By John Sciulli

Warner indicated that these issues did in fact, contribute to their break-up after their relationship in the 90’s. Additionally, Warner simply said that she simply could not be around Michaels. “I couldn’t live with her. I couldn’t stand to hear her breathe in bed,” she recalled. “I mean, it got so bad when she got on my nerves so much that I could not do day-to-day with her.” While Warner did admit that  Michaels was a good gift-giver, she also said that the seven year age gap between the women could have also played a role in their break-up after six and a half years. “The age difference and her making really bad decisions and quite frankly, her just not being a good girl, she just wasn’t a good girl,” Warner said. “And I did bad things, but I’ve always been a good girl.”



Michaels later flat-out denied Warner’s claims, recording an video on her Instagram page. “I can’t believe I’m actually making this video right now considering everything going on in the world that is actually worthy of people’s attention,” Michaels said. She went on to say that the article was “untrue” and that if she had spit anyone in restaurants, “even one person…it would have already made your paper”. After mentioning her children being impacted by the article, she again insisted that Page Six did not reach out to her reps before publication.

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