Janet Jackson’s 10 Most Loved Songs of all Time

Janet Jackson’s career spans not one, not two, not three, but four decades at this point. The 52-year-old pop icon has come a long way from her television appearances on the 70’s sitcom Good Times to becoming a bonafide legend in the entertainment industry.

She’s loved worldwide by millions of fans, many of which are from the LGBTQ community. Janet has been a major ally for us for several years now, winning a ton of awards for her incredible efforts.

Her music catalog is nothing short of spectacular, as she has put out album after album after album of nothing but incredible pop, R&B, hip-hop and rock tracks for us to jam, dance and vibe to. Question is… which songs are the ones we loved the most?

We polled our Instinct Magazine followers, as well as our personal loved ones to get their opinion on what Janet song is their all-time fave. What’s fantastic about these results is that 48, yes 48 DIFFERENT SONGS were voted on at least once. That’s a pretty incredible number, and it goes to show just how beloved our Janet really is.

Based on your votes, here are the 10 most loved Janet Jackson songs of all time, with two alternates who came one vote shy of making the top of the list.

Do you agree with what placed? Let us know.

“Together Again” (Album: The Velvet Rope)



“That’s the Way Love Goes” (Album: Janet.)



“If” (Album: Janet.)



“What I Think of You” (Album: Control)



“Miss You Much” (Album: Rhythm Nation 1814)



“Black Cat” (Album: Rhythm Nation 1814)



“Escapade” (Album: Rhythm Nation 1814)



“Love Will Never Do Without You” (Album: Rhythm Nation 1814)



“Rhythm Nation” (Album: Rhythm Nation 1814)



“Nasty” (Album: Control)




“All for You” (Album: All for You)



“Pleasure Principle” (Album: Control)



What do you think?