Jason Carter Dishes on ‘Drag Race’, His Dream Podcast Guest & More


It’s hard to believe that Jason Carter first grabbed our attention over a decade ago when he waltzed his way into the RuPaul’s Drag Race werk room wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.

It has been a sky’s the limit kind of thing since then as he’s expanded on his entertainment repertoire by excelling in the world of modeling, hosting and so much more. Oh, and he’s managed to remain adorably cute as the years have gone by.


Jason has kept himself super busy during COVID by releasing episode after episode of his fantastic podcast #JASONUNLEASHED where he talks to a variety of noteworthy people and the impact they are making on this world.

The charismatic television personality chatted with Instinct Magazine EXCLUSIVELY about how his 2020 has gone so far, the pop icon he’s dying to have on his show and what the future holds for him. 

What has been the peak and pit of 2020 in your professional career?


Great question, I would say the pit of my professional career has been not having one. I, like many Americans, have been unemployed. But that’s not to say that it hasn’t been a blessing because in this time I have been able to cultivate and build my brand and focus on what I’m really passionate about. So the pit and the peak are one in the same. It’s all how you interpret and frame things.

You filmed so many amazing episodes of Jason Unleashed. How different was it doing that in quarantine compared to what life was like before COVID?

It is different because like everything else things have been scaled down considerably. From how its presented to even where it is shot. I’m not mad at it. I actually think that being at home and just having that barebones approach has been refreshing not to mention cheaper. But I think the conversations I have had with people on #JASONUNLEASHED have been that much more meaningful due to how intense, traumatizing and very real 2020 has been. And that’s what is important to me. Authenticity, connection and relatability.


Do you have a dream guest that you are dying to book on the show?

Hands down Mariah Carey. HUUUUUUGE fan. Would love like ten minutes with her!

I know you are married and shacked up with your handsome beau in Miami. Has COVID strengthened your relationship?


Absolutely. Like any relationship things get challenging, but I love him dearly and couldn’t imagine my life without him. We have been able to grow strong and closer through the pandemic. We also got a new puppy. We are now doggy daddies. Her name is Valentina Mariah. She’s an American Staffordshire Terrier. She’s perfect.

Many fans of yours know you from Drag Race. Is there one moment that stands out the most when you look back on your time on the show?

I would say season four “Hot in Tuckahoe” with Latrice Royale. It was the first time they let the Pit Crew talk on camera and people still send me memes of that episode where I say, “I’ve got a huge sack… right here”. So much sexual innuendo. Love it.


Is this something you want to keep doing for years to come?

Being happy. I think that if you are happy and content, whatever you are doing won’t matter. You can have everything and if you aren’t happy in some capacity it does not matter. So happiness is what I want for years to come.

Besides Jason Unleashed what are you most looking forward to in your booming career?


Taking over the world by television. I have a lot to say and I am just getting started.

Learn more about Jason by checking out the Instagram Live video we did last week with him above! 

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