Jersey Shore Is Being Revived!

Jersey Shore Is Being Revived!

Minus Two Cast Members…

Here we go again! Eh, it’s another revival season for a show we used to love. Yes, seven of the nine personalities from MTV’s Jersey Shore will be hitting our airwaves one more time. MTV just announced after the premiere of Shore spinoff of sorts – Floribama Shore – that our favorite GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) would be returning for Jersey Shore Family Vacation. I’m not certain who is heading the marketing of Floribama, but they should be upset. Everyone is solely going to be discussing the revival of an iconic reality show compared to the bastard stepchild. Choices!

Now, can we analyze if we should be receiving a Shore reunion series? Like, do we want one? I was ideally the target audience for Shore’s first run. I was 18-years-old and in college. Since, I’ve grown into adulthood and the last thing I want to do is the same crap I was doing eight years ago! Should we be expecting to watch Snooki¸ who is now a married mother, struggling to navigate through sand because she’s plastered? Do we want to hear old arguments from the past be brought up simply for nostalgia? I’m extremely confused as to how they are going to sell us on this show. These people are grown, perhaps except for The Situation, who is facing jailtime for tax evasion. Can the magic and entertainment we’ve seen be recreated? If anything, I would hope that the show doesn’t focus on them partying, yet forming themselves into adulthood. Some people I’m familiar with are still in a college mindset even though we’re all pushing 30. Regardless, I don’t have high hopes for the show.

Two cast members won’t be returning for another cab ride. Sammi Giancola, who battled with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, for the series entire run and Angelina Pivarnick, the show’s main villain and now New York EMT have denied – or were never asked – to take another shot with the gang. Pivarnick will definitely be missed, since she literally was the source behind all of the drama in the first two seasons. Also, Giancola is to this day one of the most meme worthy cast members. How will a revival succeed without her whining, cracking voice?!

I wish there was some LGBTQ factor involved to be excited about. I mean, the guys are still pretty hot. But, still- it's not like any LGBTQ focused reality show seems to do well with public opinion or ratings anyway…yet!

No word on a revival premiere date yet. Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned.

Are you excited for the Jersey Shoe Family Vacation reunion?!

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