Joe Biden Wants To Share LGBTQ Stories Of Acceptance To Fight Hostile Families

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has announced that his foundation wants to share stories of acceptance by families of LGBTQ people.

Biden’s plan is to combat hostile families and communities that reject LGBTQ youth by releasing personal stories, educational information, and more.

As Biden shares in the video below:

“I’m so proud to announce that the Biden Foundation has launched a family acceptance campaign. We’ll use our resources to highlight the harms of family rejection and lift up research, best practices, and personal stories to show the importance of family acceptance.”

This is no surprise for anyone who has followed Biden’s personal and political views when it comes to LGBTQ issues.

Back in 2012, Biden supported same-sex couples even before former President Barack Obama did. In an interview with CBS News, Biden shared that he was “absolutely comfortable with” the idea of same-sex unions. He then praised the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in 2015 by calling it as “consequential as Brown vs. the Board” of Education.

If you want to support Biden in this new endeavor, you can consider sending your own story (of acceptance or rejection) through the campaign’s official site.

They hope to collect stories from a wide range of people, backgrounds, and perspectives in order to “help educate the broader public about the critical importance of affirming, accepting, and supporting our LGBTQ young people.”

In addition, Joe Biden says that he’s still considering running for Presidential office in 2020. Right now, he’s considered a strong potential candidate by many political analysts and news sources.

Having Joe Biden as president would certainly work in LGBTQ people’s favor (and he wouldn’t have former White House officials passing around secret recordings either).

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