John Corbett Is Reprising His Role As Aidan In ‘And Just Like That’

If we’re being honest, we are lucky that a ‘Sex And The City’ reboot happened. Whether you hate watched ‘And Just Like That’ or was smitten that (most) of the gals were gracing our screens once again, the nostalgia of it all just feels like a big, warm, stylish hug from some of your favorite friends. So I’d imagine that the return of one of Carrie’s former lovers, would certainly give us all the feels all over again.

John Corbett, who famously played Aidan ShawCarrie Bradshaw’s on and off again boyfriend, is set to make his return to beloved franchise. And everyone loves familiar face. HBOMax debuted a set of first look images for ‘And Just Like That,’ showing the duo holding hands as they take to the streets of New York City. It’s a smart move in my opinion, continuing to bring back main characters that were essential to the SATC story, since many fans still feel the absence of Kim Cattrall’s presence, as she chose not to reprise her iconic role as Samantha Jones for the reboot.

Aidan, the tall and handsome country boy who was a furniture maker, was a heavily featured love interest of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie. Aiden eventually moved on after Carrie prioritized Big (Chris Noth), eventually meeting someone and having a baby. When the photos dropped, many fans of SATC weren’t too excited. Since the original SATC series wrapped, viewers have felt like Carrie was a bit of a narcissist and strung Aidan along the entire time.

Many fans took to Twitter (as per usual). To express their disdain of this potential storyline for season 2 — but to me it just shows that we are all simply (still) invested. Besides, Big is gone now. What other choice did Carrie have? Certainly not Berger who broke up with her on a post-it note or that damn rigid and cold light installation artist, Petrovsky.

Are you here for Carrie and Aidan reuniting in the upcoming season of ‘And Just Like That,’ or should the show have introduced a new love interest?

Source: Variety

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