Kathy Griffin Lists Words She Now Refuses To Say

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Griffin Aligns Herself More With The LGBTQ Community… But Further Away From Andy Cohen

It’s no surprise that Kathy Griffin hasn’t stopped talking since we were introduced to her in the ‘90s. As we all know by now, the fast-talking, spunky comedian came under national controversy after the instantly infamous photograph scandal when she held a dummy version of Donald Trump beheaded and bleeding. That wasn’t her first time being controversial, since Griffin has built her career with the catch phrase “I’ll say it for you” – it’s safe to say she’s made many enemies as she’s monkey barred her way through Hollywood. Shock and awe – or simply mean – has graced a handful of comedians like Griffin with great careers. Dave Chappelle seems to love the media frenzy he creates and Lisa Lampanelli, once the self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” has retired from comedy in an effort to not offend anyone. It appears Griffin is following suit.

According to The Advocate, Griffin recently spoke at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Heart of Gold concert last week. Hilariously, depending on who you ask or how you read, Griffin has decided to retire a series of words that LGBTQ youth may now find offensive. Tranny, Dykes on bikes, Ladyboy, Gash Gobbler, Clam Snacker, Donut bumper, Muff Diver, Sloppy Pig Bottom (which she believes used to be something to be proud of), and Circus of Books (a West Hollywood bookstore that treats itself as more of a bathhouse, at least according to rumors).

As an avid fan of Griffin’s standup, I don’t recall hearing many of these words come out of her mouth. So, this could’ve just been for the shock factor and a quick laugh from perhaps some non-politically correct gays- although that doesn’t strike me as the LGBT Center’s audience. She did, however, give one powerful statement in closing. She told that she will not speak of he who shall not be named. Because, you know, he tends to come up with any Google alert on himself. Griffin said:

“Finally, to show I haven’t lost my edge, two more words we have to say goodbye to as a community because we’ve just gone beyond it, and they’re bad for the community. Those two words are Andy Cohen.”

Allegedly, the crowd of five thousand went wild with applause after blasting Cohen, who is known for being catty – especially when he was quick to throw Griffin under the bus two years ago. Let’s see if Griffin keeps her word and we won’t hear about Cohen ever again. It could be great for the community!

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