Leon Markcus Is Exposing Predatory F***boys In His New Song “SXW”

Leon Markcus / Images via Instagram @itsleonmarkcus

Singaporean singer Leon Markcus has released his latest single.

Last week, we informed you that Markcus, who is openly bisexual, would be releasing a new song, and that song has come.

Expressing the project earlier, Markcus stated how the song, titled “SXW” for “sexy wolves,” was to focus on his experience with f***boys on dating apps.

As Markcus has shared on Instagram, he feels like he’s been “getting played by boys like a Nintendo.”

The song, which you can listen to on all digital platforms like Spotify and iTunes, includes lyrics like, “All they ever want is sex. They hunt & travel far in packs. All they ever want is sex. They look for you, oh, to attack.”

You can watch a partial Lyric video to the song down below.

Again, if you wish to listen to the full song, you can do so through digital platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Markcus first gained recognition for his 2017 song “Alive.” At the time, the singer shared his hope to create music that not only represented his life but the lives of other LGBTQ people.

 “I truly believe that they deserve to have the freedom to appreciate and love their partners in the light instead of hiding in the shadows. It is a cold world here for for these youths,” he said in 2017.

“And I though, I love my home, I also want my friends to be able feel at ease as well as to appreciate a place that accepts them for who they are without being denying their basic rights to love.”

“Everyone deserves equal opportunities for happiness. No one, should ever be made to feel like they don’t belong or they are undeserving of the life they are given.”

Now, Leon Markcus is taking the representation to a very personal and sexual place. We look forward to seeing what he’ll do next.

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