Lesbian Couple Escapes After Being Kidnapped, Beaten and Raped

A lesbian couple that was locked in a basement at a home in Indianapolis says they were beaten, raped and left without food or water for days.


The whole thing sounds like something out of a horror movie–or CSI!

The couple visited the home on November 10th to do heroin, but things escalated when one of the women borrowed a car from one another woman, Melissa Richards, who became angry when her car was not returned quickly. The couple was bound with duct tape, thrown in a closet, beaten and raped.

Along with Richards, a group of three men, Kenneth A. Braswell, Thomas J. Bell, and Jose Nieves assaulted the couple and are facing 26 counts which includes rape, kidnapping, criminal confinement, possession of meth, and battery by means of a deadly weapon.

On November 14th, the women believed they were being taken somewhere in a car to be murdered. During this trip, the vehicle got a flat tire brought them to stop at a convenience store. The women asked to go to the restroom and while they were inside, the asked the store clerk to call the police and they locked themselves in the bathroom until they arrived.


At the crime scene, police found a large puddle of blood, two handguns, duct tape, a machete, a blanket and two cellphones.

The three men in this case are scheduled to appear for trial on January 22nd, while the woman has not been charged.

Don't do drugs, kids!

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