Lousiana Man Charged After Hiding A Gun Inside His Butt

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Anything can happen in the south.


WGNO ABC recently reported the story of a man who tried to hide a gun up his backside. Clearly, the effort wasn’t worth it.

On December 28, police officers showed up to Lori Dupuy’s Golden Meadow, Louisiana home. Golden Meadow Chief of Police Reggie Pitre says that these officers saw what looked like suspicious activity and decided to investigate.

When the officers got closer to the house, Dupuy tried to give them a false name before running away. After losing her, the officers searched the house and discovered Justin Savoie inside of it.


According to HoumaToday, the police arrested Savoie and moved him to the South Lafourche sub-station. That’s when they searched him and discovered a small handgun inside his buttocks. They also found marijuana and a pipe used for smoking marijuana on his person.

After gaining a search warrant, the officers found a handmade “zip gun” on the floorboard of Savoie’s truck that was parked with a door open. They also found multiple other guns and weapons on the premises.

Savoie has now been charged with a first offense for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, taking contraband to a penal institution, and improper registration of a firearm.


That said, Savoie has already been released from custody on a $10,600 bond.

Meanwhile, Dupuy is at large and wanted on two active warrants. One by probation and parole and the other by the Golden Meadow Police Department.

h/t: WGNO ABC, HoumaToday

8 thoughts on “Lousiana Man Charged After Hiding A Gun Inside His Butt”

  1. This isn’t clear… was he

    This isn't clear… was he holding the gun between his buttcheeks or had he actually inserted it all the way into his body?  Due to its shape, I have a hard time believing it was the latter.

  2. And the point of the story or

    And the point of the story or its relevance is what? Also, inside his butt and inside his buttocks are two very different things. Other than click bait/attention seeking, this article wasn't worth the three minutes I spent on reading and posting a comment. Guess I was bored lol. Non-journalism at its best. Unsubscribe!

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