Man Boycotts Restaurant Over An Insulting Note

Restaurant owners Marcus Barlow (left) and Leighton Dickson. / Screenshot via ABC13

Hateful or descriptive (or possibly, a combination of both)? That’s the question that was asked of a Texas waiter after her note about a customer offended the man.

In Houston, Texas, a customer of the Plush Daiquiri Bar and Grill says that he was stereotyped and insulted by a server. While the service was perfectly fine, the man saw some hurtful words on his receipt.

“I don’t even know her, she don’t know me,” said the customer, who didn’t want to be identified, to ABC13.

On Saturday night, the man received a receipt with the words “to go dude with dreads, fat, gay” written on the bottom.

“That’s like stereotyping, for her to not even know and say fat, gay and this and that,” said the customer.

This reciept upset one customer so much taht hes now boycotting the establishment. / Screenshot via ABC113

After the customer’s complaining, the establishment’s owners say the server meant no harm. They say she was merely identifying the man who placed the order.

“It was just her way of describing him. It wasn’t anything against him or anything personal. It was her way of referencing back who to deliver the food to,” said co-owner Marcus Barlow.

Marcus says that the server was guilt-ridden over the incident and was suspended for three days.

“She was unaware that he could see it and she was very apologetic to us about it and she was disciplined. We do no discriminating at all at Plush,” said co-owner Leighton Dickson.

In response to this and the incident itself, the customer says he simply won’t be returning.

“If anybody asked about it I would tell them, it’s a good restaurant. I have nothing bad to say about the restaurant. I just will not go back, ” said the customer.

Sources: ABC13

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