Manchester Pride Goers Are Mad After Concert Tickets More Than Doubled In Price

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Pride goers are pissed!

Tickets for Manchester Pride’s music program and The Village party went on sale yesterday (January 31), and they become a terrible surprise for some fans. It turns out, tickets have more than doubled in price this year, according to the Independent.

Tickets for the event are now priced at £70 (at the most). The year before, the most expensive ticket was £28. Many suspect this could be because of a big name performer that has yet to be announced. But no matter what, many former goers are sharing their anger online.

This isn’t the only change the to event, however. Earlier in January, Manchester Pride changed the event’s name and location. The event that used to be known as The Big Weekend is now being called Manchester Pride Live. In addition, its spot has changed to Mayfield Depot.

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But how much are these tickets specifically? Well, the prices go as follows:

  • Rainbow Pass weekend ticket – £70.95
  • Rainbow Pass day ticket – £37.95
  • Gay Village Gathering weekend ticket – £16.50
  • Gay Village Gathering day ticket – £11

The event, which will runs from August 24 through the 25th, is expected to fit 30 artists on two stages. In addition, “world class acts” have been promised to perform at ticket-only parties as well. That said, a line-up has yet to be announced.

We’ll see if its truly the performers upping the price tag in due time. But will former goers think the price is worth it?

h/t: The Independent

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