Matthew Camp-On His OnlyFans, “Hot Haus” & Continuing To Learn Lessons

While his OnlyFans continues to keep fans entertained regularly, Matthew Camp is slowly expanding his brand into television (his latest show “Hot Haus” is airing on OUTTv currently) to his fashion line Daddy Couture. While Camp has had personal challenges, he has kept perspective and focus, and during our conversation, Camp chatted with me about “Hot Haus”, recent public struggles and what he has learned from them, and what he has a gay man is continuing to learn about sexuality and queerness. 


Michael Cook: We haven’t spoken since “Slag Wars” and once again, you’re hitting television screens with truly revolutionary-style and undeniably provocative content. Tell me about “Hot Haus”

Matthew Camp: Hot Haus is a summation of the last year that we lived through. It carries the energy of last year, being in and out of lockdown and all of that. It definitely felt that way because it was the reaction to living in that time. 

MC: What is it like working with some familiar faces, and some new faces like reality superstar Tiffany Pollard, which definitely added a new flavor and energy to the show? 

MC: We had an amazing group, which I really loved about this show. We had a really diverse cast, much more than we did in Slag Wars. I think that also reflects the time that we live in, as well as the need for it. Everyone on it is so talented, it was just a pleasure to meet and work with all of them, and just get to laugh every day. 


MC: “Hot Haus” does not shy away from the very sexually provocative content, which is something our community can always use more of; it normalizes these conversations. You have your own history as being an in front of the camera performer, but what was it like having people share very personality stories of their own with you? 

MC: It was definitely a learning experience. I am a gay man, but I am still learning more about sexuality and queerness myself. Being on-set with many different people, to be honest I don’t use they/them pronouns and hadn’t up until two years ago. it was such a new concept, being in a room where everyone was on the same level where you referred to everyone and it wasn’t weird was definitely a new experience for me and I thought it was great. It was really easy and it makes a lot of sense. 


MC: You’ve had a very challenging year, between your home burning down and the subsequent homophobia surrounding the investigation. How does it feel looking back on the experiences and where are you now? 

It was a very galvanizing experience, losing my home and having all of my possessions stripped from me. Doing “Hot Haus” and other shows was a peak in my career, so having these polar opposites happening at the same time was such a lesson in temperance and being able to be strong and emotionally secure in wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 


MC: Do you think this traumatic experience provided you with any crucial life lessons moving forward? 

MC: I don’t know if it is that different than the way that I looked at it before, besides the fact that I am not taking anything for granted. I never really did though, I am just so thankful every day for everything. 

MC: Hot Haus is different from Slag Wars, and Slag Wars was different from porn. If you had to manifest a kind of project that you would like to create, what would it be? 

MC: I would love to do a show that investigates how queer people can almost celebrate trauma and turn it into power. I think that is something that is really interesting and we are definitely not the only group that does it. But we are able to celebrate it and use it as a strength. A fun psychological game would be something fun, maybe some like that.


MC: Maybe something called like, “Mind FuQ” would be clever and amazing!

MC: Oh I love that! You have to match the genitals to the face (laughs)! 


MC: What is it like working with Topher Cusumano on “Hot Haus” after working with him on your other recent projects?

MC: Topher is so smart, it is amazing that he has a huge overview of the whole project before it has even begun. It is really interesting to watch him work, I have learned a lot from being on set with him. I trust him and I feel like whatever we are doing, it is going to be funny. 


MC: How is the OnlyFans portion of your career moving forward now? 

MC: I am producing tons of content for my OnlyFans site so everyone can see that and there was a video out for Men also. You are going to be seeing a lot of stuff very soon. 

MC: How is Daddy Couture moving forward? 

MC: Daddy is still going strong, we have been busy with the television shows but I think you will see some interesting stuff happening with that very soon…


MC: Another manifestation; who would your ideal co-star be? For any platform.

MC: Spongebob. Nickelodeon (laughs)! 

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