Michael B. Jordan’s Making Us Thirsty To Vote

Image via Instagram @michaelbejordan

Another celebrity has taken their clothes off to promote voting this November.

With November 3rd around the corner, several celebs have taken their clothes off to promote the message of Americans voting this election season. Hey, it worked for Wilson Cruz when he was promoting filing out the census! Why not try it with other causes? But who was the newest man to join the trend? Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan.


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On his social media pages, Michael B. Jordan posted a shirtless picture of himself. The image is close up to his chest, shot from below and pointed upwards, and only reveals part of the actor’s face. Specifically, we see a teasing lip-bite that makes our hearts race a mile a minute.



But again, there’s a message behind the picture. It’s not just a baseless thirst pic. To caption the picture, Michael B. Jordan simply wrote, “Vote Early” with a checkmark and ballot emoji.

Of course, the image did its job of getting the internet hot and heavy.






But did the picture get people more interested in voting? We’ll when Election Day rolls around on November 3.