Model Who Left 79-Year-Old Vicar Husband Homeless Now Has A Younger, Richer Boyfriend

We have an update on the story of 79-year-old vicar Philip Clements and 24-year-old model Florin Marion.

A few days ago, we shared the news that Philip Clements was left homeless after breaking up with his husband.

Clements had sold his home in Kent, England to afford a new house in Bucharest, Romania. Then Clements left the house in Marion’s name because he didn’t know how many more years he would be alive.

Well, as soon as Marion got the house in his name things changed in their relationship. The two had a major fight that ended in Clements leaving and going back to England. Problem is, he no longer had a home.

Despite all this, Clements was adamant that he didn’t want a divorce because the two were still talking, but it looks like Marion had other ideas.

Florin Marion spoke to local Romanian news sources to say that not only has he moved on from Clements, but he’s already found a new man (and a wealthier one at that).

Marin admitted that he’s been seeing a 48-year-old businessman named Jeronimo Jesus de Vega. The two apparently met through Facebook and have become very intimate in an extremely quick amount of time.

“Philip knows,” Marin remarks, “I told him I found someone. He said that he would not want to keep in touch with me and that. No trace of jealousy [in de Vega]… he’s a very wealthy man, has been married to a Romanian, has a child, has a little girl… He has some business, he is wealthier than Philip. He knows very well that I like the money, I told him all about my husband, and I will stay here for a while and we will come to Romania. He is very busy.”

Meanwhile, Clements has resorted to living in an apartment attached to a friend’s house.

In addition, The Sun reports that Clements did not know about Florin's new boyfriend, and that he still hoped to mend their broken relationship.

He said: "I will ask Florin if he has gone behind my back."

13 thoughts on “Model Who Left 79-Year-Old Vicar Husband Homeless Now Has A Younger, Richer Boyfriend”

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    Really!! He's not a model! Do you mean an escort, Gold Digger with aspirations for a modeling career. Good ans better luck it is new conquest!

  3. Refer to him as a thief.

    Refer to him as a thief. .immoral..disgusting unmoraled human being..and basically an asshole. .karma is coming your way..

  4. As far as I know, Romania is

    As far as I know, Romania is part of the EU; hence this vicar might have some legal recourse to get back some of what he gave away. I hope he does so, for his own sake if for no other reason.  This is one reason why we fought for gay marriage: so that a split would not leave one of the couple without anything in world to call his own.

  5. Bad choices make bad lives.

    Bad choices make bad lives. Any idiot knows you don't put anything in anyone's name except in your will for after you die. Poor ol guy. But then the scammer bf probably extorted it out of him by withholding sex or charmed him. Manipulation, the scammers middle name. The guy is a total creep. 

    • Honestly, I don’t think

      Honestly, I don't think anyone knows what/who he's modeled for. I keep looking around but everyone just refers to him as a model. My best guess is he's an aspiring model with little experience as Clements once said Florin was ambitious for a modeling/television career.


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