Nene vs Kathy for Joan’s spot?

I'll admit, I've only watched about a 1/2 an episode of Fashion Police (take my card away now), but have always had respect for Joan Rivers and what she has accomplished.  I remember seeing clips of her appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show .  Before she was doing live stand-up on the show, she was a writer for the Topo Gigio skits (that just aged me a little).  See one of her stand-up appearances from 1967 below.


For E!, to replace Joan or not is the question.  As Radar has reported, the entire cast of Fashion Police wasn’t in favor of the show returning to the air at all.

On Wednesday, the Daily News declared that 53 year old Kathy Griffin was pegged as the front runner to add her humor and classic timing to the E! network by taking over Joan's spot on the panel.  Today   and other sources say The Real Housewives of Atlanta talent Nene Leakes, 46, is the new top of the list. 


Whichever host receives the nod from Melissa Rivers an E! to become the new anchor of Fashion Police, I wish them the best.  I love Nene and I love Kathy, but I may be in agreement with the existing cast and not resume filming at all.

Your thoughts?



17 thoughts on “Nene vs Kathy for Joan’s spot?”

  1. Kathy.  She’s earned it –

    Kathy.  She's earned it – worked her way up, just as Joan did.  Nene?  One show and she's an equal to Kathy and worthy to replace the un-replaceable Joan?  No way – she's ok for a guest, but not a replacement.

  2. Not a fan of Kathy. Her kind

    Not a fan of Kathy. Her kind of humor just irritates me. Nene has a kind of snark that's totally different than Joan's. Which is good, because she can't be replaced. 

  3. I think they should get rid

    I think they should get rid of kelly and George. They wear the worst outfits on there. U shouldn't judge other people unless u dress well yourself. I like Kathy and nene a lot, but not for fashion police.

  4. Think they should retire the

    Think they should retire the show now! It won't have the same chemistry and won't appeal to the general viewing public! 

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  6. The show is as dead as poor

    The show is as dead as poor Joan now. Kathy's humor is strictly current events commentary. She throws out a whole bunch of pop culture references and if something sticks she keeps repeating it over and over. It might be ok for Oprah jokes, but her fashion savvy in pretty much non-existent.

  7. The first thought I had when

    The first thought I had when I heard Joan Rivers had passed was "There goes 'Fashion Police'!" Cancel the show. Neither Kathy nor NeNe knows fashion like Joan did and, say what you want to about Joan, she knew her fashion designers and merchandise.

  8. If I had to chose I would say

    If I had to chose I would say Kathy.  I think NeNe is good at "reading", Kathy is good at "shock/nasty" and Joan would shock you with some of the nasty things she said, which is why I would vote Kathy.  I do love them both so it will be fine either way.


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