Neo-Nazi Egged After Homophobic Comments

Nazis still exist for some reason but at least they are getting what they deserve via an egg to the head. Screenshot via Twitter video by idkbrosorry

Jovanni Valle, the twenty-six-year-old swastika bearer, a staunch Trump supporter and neo-Nazi who has attended many white nationalist rallies was recently pelted with an egg after supposedly shouting homophobic remarks, according to Indy 100

Before getting smacked in the noggin with the egg, Valle was allegedly shouting things like being gay causes mental illness and “

“Homosexuality was due to a chemical imbalance. It’s hurting children because children grow up mentally ill not knowing who they are.” If homosexuality were to be caused by a chemical balance, wouldn’t people jump on the idea of medicating people to fix the imbalance? Not that I would try that hypothetical treatment, but still. 

The video has been viewed almost a million times with basically everyone celebrating Valle getting his comeuppance. It was a commendable action by the egg man with no name to sacrifice his groceries in the name of justice. 

This wasn’t the first time Valle got what he deserved, as in the video he explains that someone threw coffee at him and in the past suffered a broken nose and some abrasions after getting into a bar fight in the Lower East Side in New York. 

My advice to him: Don’t be a literal Nazi. People would like him better.


Source: Indy 100

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