New “I Want You” Video Brings Tom Of Finland To Life.

Not all of us are fans of the Tom of Finalnd look, but umm, yah might be after watching this.

Our Unicorn Booty friends (I always wanna say booty booty booty when I see their name) have given us the solution to scratching that itch we didn't know we had. 

Most people know Touko Valio Laaksonen as Tom of Finland — an artist renowned for his super-sexual drawings of hyper-masculine bikers, sailors, lumberjacks and construction workers. Tom died in 1991, but the Tom of Finland foundation has teamed up with German DJ Hell to animate Tom’s drawings into a video for Hell’s song “I Want You.” The result is very much NSFW, but damn if it isn’t lusty mish-mash of the brazen sexuality that made Tom of Finland so iconic to begin with.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the animator Xaver Xylophon is a pretty talented guy who has done work with The New York Times, National Public Radio and Penguin Books. – Unicorn Booty


I wanted to post the video here, but we don't do peen or balls on this site ( spoilers ), but we are more than happy to direct you over to Unicorn Booty for the uplifting video.  or directly over to it's home on VIMEO.


h/t:  Unicorn Booty

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