New Year, New Gay

Ahh, 2018. A new year full of new opportunities and new bad decisions.

We aren't even a week into the New Year, and if you are anything like me, you have already failed at keeping a resolution (I promise I will make it to the gym eventually). Over the years, I have made more resolutions than I can count, but I consistently fail at holding myself accountable for sticking with them.

This got me thinking. Maybe the issue isn't me; maybe the issue is the type of resolution I am making. So instead of committing to daily workouts or a dairy-free diet, 2018 is all about being better at being gay. Yep, you heard me; twenty-eighteen will now be referred to as twenty-gay-teen.

In order to be better at being gay, I have compiled a list of resolutions that I have set for myself. I think we can all benefit from committing to [at least] a couple of these goals.

  • Volunteer at an LGBT Community Center
  • Read an LGBT themed book
  • Write a letter to a politician about a gay issue
  • Stop bottom-shaming/fat-shaming/fem-shaming/etc.
  • Go on a date with someone outside of your comfort zone
  • Participate in an AIDS Walk
  • Keep up with  LGBT news (I recommend InstinctMagazine. com)

I don't want to stereotype, but if you are reading this article, you probably have some gay tendencies (OK, maybe I should add no more stereotyping to my list of resolutions), but if you do consider yourself to be a member of the LGBT community or even are just an ally, I believe that moving the gay agenda forward is the responsibility of all of us, so let's all let 2018 be our year. Scratch that. Let's all let twenty-gay-teen be our year.

Happy New Year!

What do you think?