‘Newsbeat’ Serves Up Drag Superstars & Hard Hitting News

Step aside ladies of The View; a whole new perspective is hitting the talk-show circuit. Deadline reported late last week that drag dynamos Lady Bunny, Nina West, and Bianca Del Rio (among others) will be sitting down for a brand new news program, aptly titled Newsbeat. Deadline reports that the show will feature “Lady Bunny, Lyle and Delta Work as correspondents, seeks to provide a serious daily news show for the next generation of viewers. The program will center around hard news headline, political analysis presented by West and Del Rio.” The show comes direct from Politicon and Executive Producer Clay Aiken. 

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Each episode will highlight two or three top news stories of the day. A guest panel of political pundits joins the anchors via satellite to discuss the biggest stories. Every episode will feature a field package (pre-taped) with a queen out on location, interviewing a politician or news maker of the day. The pilot episode will feature interviews with political firebrand James Carville, Touré and Scottie Nell-Hughes.


As for Aiken, he has rebranded himself as a newly minted political pundit, hosting his own show on Politicon (How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along), where he speaks with a consistently diverse panel of minds, continuing to find ways to reach across the aisle.

As for the launch of Newsbeat, Aiken told Deadline “Staying informed and knowing what’s actually going on in the country and the world is really important, but I, and so many people I know, finally just turned off the news over this past year. So we wanted to find a way to keep people really informed — give them important news and objective information — and still keep it entertaining and engaging,” Aiken said. “We wanted to make the news appointment TV again without needing to sensationalize it or scare or depress folks. NewsBeat is really about facts first, but it is also about making the news interesting again.”

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