Nicki Minaj Is Missing!

Nicki Minaj Is Missing!

The Rap Icon Has Gone MIA From Social Media!

Starships were meant to fly and apparently so is animated rapper, Nicki Minaj. Ahh, yes, Minaj has become somewhat of a media darling since being exposed to the world nearly a decade ago. The 35-year-old woman began her career as a protégé of Lil’ Wayne and saw success with her early mixtapes such as the now infamous song, Itty Bitty Piggy. She would become the first female Rapper to be seen in corporate advertisements with fragrances and even a Barbie modeled after her. Eventually, she would blur the genre lines of music, crossing into Pop and even giving us a few ballads – which I still rock out to today! For the longest time, it was Minaj’s world and we were just living in it. However, as more female Rappers continue to invade our daily playlists, it appears that Minaj has cowered in a corner and- for all of 2018! Fans have hilariously made Missing Person’s posters for Minaj and they have been spreading through social media like wild fire.

As a Boy-Barb – a term she gives to her gay boy fans – I haven’t been up to date with Minaj’s going ons. For what it’s worth, I am not so eager to see what’s coming next from her, as I’ve been distracted by new Artists such as Cardi B, Bhad Bhabie, and veteran Remy Ma. Is it safe to speculate that Minaj may be intimidated by Cardi’s huge overnight success that she seemingly backed away from the spotlight? That’s not typical of Minaj, as she fired back at the females in her industry, including a follow up track to Remy Ma’s diss track against her – where Remy claims Minaj supports pedophiles and has tried to prevent other women from booking performances and appearances. Minaj has proved she will battle her way to the top taking no prisoners, so I cannot help but wonder why she’s suddenly disappeared.

Most fans and the Rap realm suggest Minaj is busy working on new music. Which is clearly the most obvious answer. However, will it be a successful tactic to literally disappear for months and then suddenly, release a bunch of songs for your fans? In the modern world full of social media and everyone needing constant attention, I’m curious to see if her plan will succeed. Society feeds off of knowing what their favorite celebrities are doing literally every second of every day. I’m a little side eyed thinking of how she’s going to get back into the game and come out on top over Cardi and the rest of the gang. I’m a huge supporter of Minaj, so I’m hoping she bounces back into the industry, but girl – you’re going to need to come back blazing or else the media is going to throw you under the bus in favor of someone else.

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