Nigerian Gay Man Whipped Over A Dozen Times in Conversion Therapy

LGBT Nigerians are subject to horrible treatment as it is illegal to be gay in that country which is my a man was just flogged 14 times during conversion therapy. Image via Pulse Nigeria

A man in Nigeria was flogged 14 times in one day during conversion therapy because under Nigerian law being gay is illegal and subject to punishment, according to Pink News

As of 2014, after the passing of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, or SSMPA, same-sex couples can be sentenced to 14 years in prison and anyone who “registers, operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations, or directly or indirectly make public show of same-sex amorous relationship in Nigeria” may be sentenced to ten years in prison so it’s not surprising that anti-LGBT attitudes are prevalent in Nigera which ultimately led to this man, who wishes to remain anonymous, to be flogged 14 times in one day during conversion therapy. 


The man first came out to his sister who reacted negatively. She asked to meet with him and when the two met, she brought along what she called a prophet to “cure” the man of his homosexuality by making him participate in conversion therapy. The “therapy” that the endured is not what most people would think of but instead the man was forced to strip naked and be flogged seven times on the first day as a “spiritual exercise.” The next day the flogging increased to 14 times and on the third day, the man passed out from exhaustion and pain. This is clearly inhumane treatment of another person but I doubt that this man is unique in how he was treated. 

Apart from the conversion therapy, the man lamented about his upbringing, saying that he grew up in a family “that believes same-sex relationships to be demonic” and that people see him as “an abomination” and that they don’t think that he should exist. I can’t imagine the pain, both mentally and physically, that this man has gone through simply for existing. The way that LBGT Nigerians are treated is truly sickening, but will attitudes change? Or will LGBT Nigerians continue to fight to get the rights that they deserve?

Source: Pink News

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