Noah Cyrus Gets Dragged For Racial Comment

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While Defending Feminine Men, Noah Cyrus Ends Up Getting Dragged By Social Media

One of the great debates of 2020 could be the lackluster controversy surrounding One Direction megastar, Harry Styles, wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue. Yes, some people had a problem with it, but when you’re actively following Hollywood and the likes of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the conversation eventually seeped into cartoonish arguments that didn’t really make any sense. One of those people who made a point to “bring back manly men” is conservative author, Candace Owens. She said what she had to say and seemingly moved on, despite handfuls of anticipated backlash. While most of us have since moved on from the topic, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister and newly Grammy nominated artist, Noah Cyrus, finally got word. On her Instagram story yesterday, she posted a temporary Instagram story defending men dressing feminine by taking aim at Owens, an African-American woman, claiming Styles looks better than any of the “nappy headed [hoes]” talking poorly about him. This didn’t settle well with literally anyone… and Owens, always willing to take her moment, called out the youngest Cyrus in a pointed Instagram video.


According to Entertainment Weekly, The Shade Room picked up the now-deleted Instagram Story from Cyrus with the racially charged comment. Yes, she didn’t specifically tag Owens in it… but anyone with a brain can put context clues together to make the connection clear. Cyrus has since apologized and claimed to be “mortified” by her use of the word: She was unaware of the history and insult of the term “nappy” and thus took back her comment. However, her fans and social media alike have agreed that she shouldn’t be let off so easy. Owens called out Cyrus for having liberal, white privilege which has garnered over almost 600K views within a four hour time span. Owens has a history of going after celebrities that come for her, as she advocates against Hollywood. Cyrus was an easy target and Owens has had plenty of practice.

Perhaps what is most shocking in this entire debate is someone who is coming to Owens’ defense: Love and Hip Hop’s Joseline Hernandez. Hernandez has been a long supporter of the LGBTQ community, so her commenting that she is tired of men dressing as a women was a little out of left field. She didn’t face her own backlash: Commentors have been brutal to her as they’ve dragged her through the mud for her appearance. Hernandez oddly enough has came out as gay in 2013 while saying she would never disrespect gay people. However, it should be noted that Hernandez didn’t come for gay people necessarily, but may agree with Owens’ petition to “bring back manly men.”

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Do you think the continued argument of Styles’ fashion choice on Vogue is exhausting or are you loving the constant drama that it has stemmed?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly