North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Withdraws HB2 Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Government, Cites Too Costly To State

Is it morals, the fact that the lawsuit against the U.S. Government is costing the state of North Carolina too much money, or it is the fact that Pat McCrory is looking to try and smooth something over that has been a thorn in his side before it is time for re-election?


Governor Pat McCrory Friday quietly withdrew the lawsuit he filed in May against the Obama administration as a response to the Dept. of Justice demand he explain if or how he will enforce HB2, his radical, extremist, far-reaching law targeting transgender people. The North Carolina governor cited costs of litigation, noting that his state is also the defendant in a lawsuit filed against him by the Dept. of Justice on similar grounds.

In his Friday filing, McCrory called the Justice Department's lawsuit "a largely duplicative action," which is inaccurate.

McCrory's Notice of Voluntary Dismissal also states that "the substantial costs to the State of litigating similar legal issues in two different judicial districts, and the interests of judicial economy and efficiency, plaintiffs feel compelled to file this notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice."

Earlier this year, the DOJ had told the North Carolina GOP governor HB2 violates the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, giving him until 6 PM Monday, May 9 to respond that he will ensure the illegal law is not enforced. 

McCrory's response was a surprise lawsuit, McCrory v. United States, in which he accused the Obama administration of "a baseless and blatant overreach," and sought to defend HB2. McCrory's suit alleged that transgender people aren't protected under Title XII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, as NCRM reported at the time.

IT should be noted this is not a change in stance or position for McCrory, merely a legal move.  – has stated they will keep us informed. Head on over to their site to read more about Patty and his legal activities.

We wish he had a moral change and decided for himself humans are humans, but alas, money talks, and re-election is key.




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