Now Caitlyn Jenner’s Mocking Other Transwomen?

Caitlyn Jenner on her YouTube Channel and Rachel Levin’s PA State Cabinet Portrait / Images via YouTub @CaitlynJenner and the Commonwealth Media Services, PA Department of General Services (public domain)

She just keeps getting worse.

The self-hate and MAGA-group attention-seeking is LOUD in Caitlyn Jenner. After the public learned that Jenner was considering running for California governor, many wondered what she could be thinking. Would anyone vote for Jenner in the growly crowded race? It seems Jenner thought so, and she was specifically vying for the MAGA vote. And one of Jenner’s recent social media posts was an attempt at just that. But, it also gained the absolute disgust of fellow trans people.


The former reality star reposted a set of pictures shared by Donald Trump Jr. on her Instagram account. Jr.’s post celebrated Jenner while mocking Dr. Rachel Levine. Levine is the Assistant Secretary of Health in the Biden Administration and became the first openly transgender Senate confirmation. You’d think Jenner would celebrate such a historic win for transgender people. But no, she’d rather support Jr’s joke about her.  Specifically, the joke was, “It seems to hold true no matter what!!!! Conservative girls are just better looking… maybe that’s why the libs are always outraged for no reason.” 

Almost immediately, Jenner received backlash for sharing Donald Trump Jr.’s post.


“Bullying and making fun of your Trans Sisters will not bring you peace or help you gain acceptance with Cis people,” wrote one Twitter user. “They are using you, not lifting you up.” 

Queer writer Charlotte Clymer also chimed in on the situation by tweeting, “I’m not posting the transphobic meme shared by @Caitlyn_Jenner for obvious reasons, but I will say it’s unsurprising that Jenner would resort to mocking the looks of other trans women for political points. She’s an unremarkable coward who hides behind remarkable privilege.”


Actress Alexandra Billings responded to Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram with a poignant message on the issue. Billings says that Jenner sharing the meme “says volumes about both your self hatred and your blatant transphobia.”

“I know this rage. I lived with it for years and it is still a cacophony of voices that haunt me,” Billings added. “But I am not running for a public office and I am not a self proclaimed ‘role model’.”


Billings continued, “You’re in a spiral of spiritual chaos and your search for admiration and public approval is just as transparent as your egocentric, pseudo-Republican, rich, white, privileged lifestyle you flaunt, pretending to be some sort of everyday citizen caring about everyday events.”

“With your private airplane hanger full of lies and your million dollar shoes, you have as much in common with us, as we do with you,” the actress wrote. “It isn’t your Transness people are bothered by, it’s your behavior as a human, Caitlyn. Your profound need to be liked is sadly backfiring.”

It seems that Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign continues to get worse and worse. Not only is she ostracizing and offending transgender voters, but it looks like she’s not gaining any conservative voters either. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jenner received only 6% of Californian’s support in a recent UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll. And reports say even Jenner’s sons don’t want her to run!

So it seems Alexandra Billings is correct. Caitlyn Jenner’s incessant need to be liked is backfiring BIG TIME. And if she continues to ostracize herself by mocking fellow trans people, who knows where she’ll be by the end of this.

10 thoughts on “Now Caitlyn Jenner’s Mocking Other Transwomen?”

  1. Caitlin says… “Conservative girls are just better looking… maybe that’s why the libs are always outraged for no reason.”

    So-called conservatives, please remind me who it is that’s outraged for no reason all the time?

  2. I’m confused. Why is she vying for MAGA voters when she withdrew her support from Trump in 2018 for approving other Republicans’ anti trans in the military and no protection for trans youths in schools? Missy… besides attacking one of your sister go after Tennessee and other conservative states who just passed anti trans laws. Parents who supports their trans child can be jailed and charged with child abuse. The hypocrisy in the Republican party who claims to be LGB(T)Q friendly but pass anti trans laws. And check your privilege. How about you move to TN and see how accepting they are towards you. You live in a very liberal CA who granted you freedom to live a trans gender life. You basically bask and thrive because of liberals supporting your right to transition. Looks like conservatives doesn’t unless you’re pretty.

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  4. Caitlyn is a disgusting, trump-loving bitch. The Ds hate her for that and the Rs hate her because she wants to pee in the Ladies Room. She ain’t going nowhere near the governor’s office.

  5. Go away, Caitlin. Your 15 minutes timed out a Long, Long, Long time ago. Let some other bigot replace you. You’re no longer relevant!

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  7. Bruce Jenner is disgusting. If he can trash other people who were not comfortable in their original bodies then he has some serious, serious mental issues and needs help. Plus Bruce I have read, supports QAnon and Proud Boy’s. Disgusting.

    • No. She may be a horrible person but her name is Caitlyn. Misgendering and birth naming are never acceptable. NEVER


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