‘Oh S**t!’: New Trailer Debuts for Alyssa Edwards’ Netflix Show

It must be really good to be Alyssa Edwards right now.

Alyssa (real name Justin Johnson) is the only queen from RuPaul's Drag Race who actually has his own television show. What's even greater is that he didn't even win his original season or All Stars 2 (he wasn't even in the finale either time). Take that Bianca, Sharon, Jinkx, Aquaria, etc (tongue pop). 

It's his effervescent personality, catchy one-liners, fabulous fashion and incredible dance moves that have captivated audiences worldwide and made him one of the most beloved queens from the long-running series. Heck, even Leslie Jones gave him a shout out on the red carpet at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards earlier this month, so he must be doing something right?

His new show on Netflix, Dancing Queens, will debut on the popular streaming service this Friday, October 5th. Filmed in Justin’s hometown of Mesquite, Texas, Dancing Queen is sort of a real-life take on the movie Bring It On only from a dancing perspective. 

You get to go behind the walls of his Beyond Belief Dance Company, where he's readily preparing one of his younger classes for an intensely competitive season. Drama, chaos and tears of course will ensue. Also be on the lookout for other legendary RPDR queens to make an appearance during the show, notably the one and only Shangela

See the new trailer below and for more information on Dancing Queen… click here.



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