‘One Day At A Time’ Ends Its Multi Network & Historic Four Year Run

The four year run of the wonderfully diverse and amazingly groundbreaking sitcom One Day At A Time has come to an end. The news came direct from co-showrunner, writer, and producer Gloria Calderón Kellett who simply tweeted “it’s over”. She went on to say “There will be no new @OneDayAtATime episodes. But there will always be 46 episodes that we got to make that live FOREVER. Thank you to this beautiful cast. Our dedicated crew. And to you, our loyal fans. We loved making this for you. Thank you for watching.”


The show, a reboot of the classic Normal Lear CBS sitcom, took the story of a single mother raising two children and told their instantly relatable story through a current day lens. Weaving the instantly lovable Cuban-American Alvarez family into stories involving immigration, privilege, and crafting a stunning coming out story for Elena Alvarez (played sublimely by Colombian actress Isabella Gomez) making that particular story a cultural touchstone. The inclusion of hilariously divine and EGOT lauded actress Rita Moreno brought humor and heart to the entire series (Attention: musical theater fans: catch the episode where she quotes a famed line from West Side Story during a discussion on citizenship). Adding actor Todd Grinnell as the instantly lovable (and endlessly adorable) Schneider gave not only gave fans some weekly eye candy, but gave Schneider a family to call his own. 

Thankfully, the Executive Producers of #ODAAT spoke exclusively to EW, and Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce both gave loyal fans a hint as to what was going to be coming up for the Alvarez brood and company. Among other tidbits, Wilson Cruz was going to be portraying a “hot priest”, Penelope and Max would be entering into a “modern relationship of their own”. and Penelope would be delivering Schneider & Avery’s baby, who they would aptly name, “Penelope”. As for Elena, this she and girlfriend Syd would possibly be encountering a threat to their own young relationship, while Papito is dealing with his own sister leaving the nest.

And as for fan favorite Rita Moreno who portrayed the instantly iconic Alvarez matriarch Lydia, the EP’s simply said “she and Penelope live a long life in that apartment”. 

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