Oops … She’s gonna do it again? 15 years later?

Have they already tagged Britney Spears for the Super Bowl 50 Half-Time Show?  We just finished remembering who Missy Elliott was last month, so is it too soon to pick next year's act? 

With Britney just coming off extending her Las Vegas contract to 2017 at Planet Hollywood, this Super Bowl nod just shows how relevant she still is.  Apparently having her hair extensions falling out last week during one of her performances is not slowing her down.


Some say that her brief appearance in a 10 second Super Bowl ad was a precursor to this news.  If you believe that, then you as well believe the New Orleans Saints will be there, too.  Nothing would make me happier as long as the Pats are there, too.  Pats win 17 to 28. 



As for other predictions, along with other sites, The DailyMail is stating that Miley Cyrus will be a part of the show, too. If you recall Britney's original appearance on the Super Bowl stage back in 2001, it was short and she didn't even sing one of her songs or even a full song.  Even shorter that year were the appearances of Nelly and May J. Blige.  Here's the full 9 minute show.  Were our televisions that bad back in 2001?



Will the Super Bowl 50 Half-Time show be as jam packed as it was in 2001?  Reports are Miley, some calling for Rihanna.  Bring Missy Elliott back?  How about some Dee-Lite?  Well the only rumor for now is miss wrecking-ball herself.

Rumors, speculation, nothing set in stone, but the thought is there and it's a pretty good one.  But in looking at all the media reports on this subject, not too many use the word perform.  Most are using the verbiage that she will have a part, be a part of, or do something big, but not are using the word perform.  Then there's media like POPDUST.COM reporting just this week that she will focus on the singles and not the record. Is waiting 11 months too long to drop a record?  A single a month from now until then would make 11 and then release the record around the Super Bowl?  Why not?  Doing something big?  Maybe she will use the national stage to get married to her current boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

As of now, who knows what will happen next year at the big game.  I wouldn't mind seeing Britney strut her stuff.  11 months is a long time away and a lot will happen, but let's keep an eye on this development.  Would you want to see Britney perform?  Have you seen her in Las Vegas yet?

What do you think?