Philadelphia Jacks: Like A Tupperware Party, But For Your Penis.

Is this yet another reason to call Philadelphia "The city of Brotherly Love?"

I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Philadelphia.  Staying in Center City and walking around, enjoying the shopping, restaurants, and nightlife are some of my best vacation memories.  The variety that Philadelphia has to offer for food, clubs, and men are all plusses.  I’ve actually looked into moving there, but the city still has wintry snowfall and I think I am over that in my life. I was recently reminded of another activity that some Philadelphians enjoy.

One thing I have never done on any of my travels is visit a bathhouse / sauna / gentleman’s club.  Sure, I’ve been to strip bars and the back room of Rawhide during Southern Decadence, but never to a “towel-only” establishment.  I don’t even know if Philly has such establishments, but during one of my trips to the city of brotherly love, I encountered a mention of a “social group” that might be worth checking out some time.  Philadelphia Jacks was the name of the group that met weekly, but unfortunately my stay did not overlap with one of the scheduled dates and soon forgot about the event.

I was recently reminded of the group from an online article by Bryan Buttler in Philadelphia Magazine.  I remembered it was a group of men that enjoyed each other’s naked company, but I could not remember all of their rules.  It sounded exciting and a little adventurous, but I'm still not sure about attending.  Maybe I'm a little shy when it comes to group activities. 

I'm not going to go into all the details of the group, rules of self and mutual masturbation, what one can and cannot touch, and where one can and cannot release.  For that and more, click on over to Philadelphia Magazine for Buttler's entire article which includes a little bit of the group's history as well as links to reviews.  Here’s a couple of excerpts.

Philadelphia Jacks: Like A Tupperware Party, But For Your Penis.  The difference? You’re not buying any Tupperware or doing a downward facing dog. You’re there to beat off … with a lot of other guys.

I wonder how many men have kept in touch after meeting at one of these events.

The organizers for Philadelphia Jacks, who pride themselves on operating since the ’90s and the fact they meet four times a month since 2008, make it very clear: This is not a sex party, nor an orgy. The website claims there is “no oral-genital contact (cock-sucking, ball-licking, etc.), no cum in or around mouths or assholes, and no contact of any kind with anybody’s asshole, including your own. The rules are strictly enforced.” You can, however, masturbate yourself “or as many other other men’s [penises] as you can handle,” kiss, massage, nipple-play, and rub.

Would you be more likely to attend one of these events or a bathhouse? 

For more info, you can go to the Philadelphia Jacks homepage.

What do you think?