Photos: See How Stars, Models and Allies Are Celebrating Independence Day

From left, Barrett Pall, Tan France and Laverne Cox on July 4th / Photo Credits: Instagram

From the “Queer Eye” gang to Instagram’s finest, “Project Runway” alums and other beloved allies, America’s celebrities and social media stars busted out the red, white and blue all over for July 4th.

Here are some of the hottest, sweetest and oddest salutes to America. (No, not that particular, moral and legal mess of a “Salute to America,” thank you very much.) 

English fashion aficionado and “Queer Eye” darling Tan France paid tribute to July 4th via Instagram. (The red rouge and lips were an especially festive, color-coordinating touch in this #tbt to his Paper Magazine profile from last year.)

Another beloved member of the QE family, Bobby Berk, along with his husband, Dewey Do, shared an adorable boardwalk flashback to mark the day. (These very sweet gents are celebrating in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was ratified 243 years ago today.)

Last but never least among them, QE‘s Jonathan Van Ness struck a pose on the Capitol Mall in Washington, DC. In the glamorous photo’s caption, Jonathan used the platform and iconic scenery to point out all the (100% patriotic) ways Americans can demand lasting changes on myriad political, social and economic issues. “To achieve change we have to talk to each other,” Jonathan writes. “Let’s celebrate today but keep on speaking your truth to power.” Amen.

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Happy Bday America 🏳️‍🌈 One of the things that makes me proudest to be American is the ability to openly dissent. To speak negatively of your government in many countries isn’t permitted, I’m grateful here that we are able to call things the way we see them. That being said, trans women of color are being killed by guns, queer lives are being taken by guns, all Americans lives have been effected by gun violence. The house passed a bipartisan gun violence bill to help close the loopholes in the background check system in gun purchases, it won’t get a vote because of @senatemajldr – it is supported by over 90% of Americans & 75% within the NRA. Or the #equalityact which also enjoys overwhelming public support which we desperately need passed to ensure equal rights for people despite sexual orientation or gender expressions at a federal level. What makes America great is our diversity, our ability to speak TRUTH to power, and our ability to VOTE. Use today to connect with people you care about to see what matters to them about what we want to see happen here in the United States. Do we want a senate that won’t even vote on bills passed by the house? Do we want leaders who openly defy the constitution, engage in subvert and overt racism or do we want fairness and equality? Do we want to sanction police brutality or do we want to feel safe around law enforcement? I want an America that is more fair, more united, and allows the opportunities that I’ve been able to have for all. To achieve change we have to talk to each other, let’s celebrate today but keep on speaking your truth to power. 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Elle Editor-in-Chief and “Project Runway” alumna Nina García wishing a wholesome “safe and blessed” day of celebrations. Naturally, her fashionable homage includes an elaborately ruffled, tiered number bathed in golden light for the occasion. Never miss an opportunity to go the extra mile.

Like JVN, Lady Liberty Laverne Cox laid down the gauntlet in her homage to Independence Day in an absolutely stunning Instagram shot which remixed a 2015 shoot with a background of American flags courtesy of the OINTB folks.

Stunning Insta-traveler Barrett Pall shared a sultry 4th-themed photo, along with another message for the masses today: “Be kind, and don’t get caught up in the rushing around and pressure of the 4th. Be #present and don’t spend too much time on your phone trying to show everyone else how much fun you’re having – just have the fun!” We’ll do our best, but more photos like that might just distract us from any other fireworks.

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Happy #FourthOfJuly – While I hope everyone has a magical day and fully celebrates all the magic, I really want to remind everyone to: Be safe, and don’t over do the partying. Be #grateful that you get to celebrate in some way today because many do not. Be kind, and don’t get caught up in the rushing around and pressure of the 4th. Be #present and don’t spend too much time on your phone trying to show everyone else how much fun you’re having – just have the fun! And most importantly take time with yourself to reflect at how special your life is. We forget to do this too often and it leaves us feeling anxious, uneasy, and overwhelmed, which is so normal, but manageable with a little #tlc. Sending everyone so much light and love today. #happyfourthofjuly #america

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Another Insta-travel favorite, this time the coupled due of Justin and Nick (a/k/a, @Justinickpgh), set off to Thailand for their holiday getaway, one suggestive pool float and loads of skin included.

Fabulous queer author Kristen Arnett (Felt in the Jaw, Mostly Dead Things) is doing all she can to keep sweet little Lola cool for the holigay.

Presidential hopeful and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg spent part of the holiday taking in the scene at Storm Lake, Iowa, in the early caucus state. 

After the fabulous Capitol shot earlier in the day, JVN joined QE costar Antoni Porowski for a sweet backseat peck that certainly got the IG mentions twittering. “I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe,” eh?

In news of other kisses from Canadians who have graced American soil with their presence, Shawn Mendes reposted a short clip in which he gave a peck on the cheek to a very excited (though, if we’re being honest, remarkably composed) young fan at a Denver show earlier in the week. 

Olympian Adam Rippon was a little overdressed for early July, but brought a fashionable and more winter-olympian-appropriate take to wish everyone well for the holiday.

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Happy 4th 🇺🇸

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Like a few others we saw heading abroad for Independence Day, Janet Mock brought glamour to a behind-the-scenes look at the Valentino Fall/Winter 2019 Haute Couture show. (Paris and Milan’s fashion weeks will kick off in a couple months, but Mock’s stylishness never takes a break it seems.)


We’ll keep you updated throughout as more share their festive shots (and inevitable flag-featuring thirst traps). 

Did we miss anyone whose celebrations (or protestations) caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below. 

This post was updated 7/5/19.

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