Photos: Some Hot-to-Totally Horrifying Halloween Looks To Inspire You

Sometimes hot, sometimes hilarious, a few semi-last-minute Halloween 2019 ideas. / Images via Instagram (@jakeparrick_lv) and Twitter (@RickMacDonnell).

Halloween, otherwise known as “Gay Christmas” for some enthusiasts among us, is just 11 days away. The holiday’s popularity among LGBTQ community members is famous. There are many lists of dos and don’ts and photo galleries for inspiration, tailored to singles and couples alike.

With just under two weeks remaining, it’s time for a 2019 installment, but with a twist: A inspirational photo gallery that moves from the quicker, simpler ways to get ready to the intensely ambitious, jaw-droppingly hot-to-horrific works of art from years past.

Quick and Easy: Your Littlest Family Members

Pets. You love them as any other family member and, if your pet is willing to endure getting into a costume, you can simply dress them up in something thrown-together or quickly store-bought and call it a day.

If you’re having friends over, dressed-up animals will draw basically all attention anyway.

The fluffy littlest skipper, tolerating a hat and shirt.

For how long? We can’t say.

A menacing marauder, patiently enduring a plushie Viking hat.


The most agreeable, patient pit on the planet and a dead ringer for any “Grease” reboot.

A pile of super-pugs to make us all feel a little safer.

Between Guinea Potter and the tiniest Princess Leia ever, is it possible guinea pigs are the true icons of Halloween? Maybe.

For Humans: Sexy Uniforms, Celebs and Characters

The uniform, a timeless standby. They’re immediately identifiable. They’re often easily pre-bought or tossed together from existing clothes. And they are an endless well of sexy-costume-wearing options for any Halloween party or outing.

Image via Instagram (@stphlrio).

These don’t seem like standard-issue Navy uniforms? Allowable.

He has a badge so … this seems legit.

If you want to let a little more skin out and (presumably) live somewhere warm enough to do so in late October, there’s always the Chippendale look. (A rather NSFW example of which can be seen here.)


A classic.


Now, there are various characters and celeb-inspired options to consider, with varying degrees of preparation required.

Forever iconic.

Character-based, but make it (ancient) godly.

The Laura Dern-aissance, ca. 1994 – Present.

Somewhat unnerving? Yes. Knee-highs to provide a little extra fall-time warmth? Also yes.

Honoring the late Queen of Tejano music herself, Selena Quintanilla.Β 

Go Big: Full Drag, Exquisite Makeup

It reportedly takes RuPaul a total of six hours to get ready, not including the time to purchase, tailor/alter, or even design a look from scratch. (There’s a semi-problematic but intensely detailed WikiHow on the subject here. Seriously, this guide appears to be longer than the WikiHow forΒ writing and publishing a novel.)

If you already have the makeup, but can’t go all-in, some spooky (or outright terrifying) options exist, too.


Vampire clothes? Pretty straightforward. Blending that work around the eye? A little less so.


High school drama alums: You’ve got this one.

Now, for some all-out drag, Disney-style.


Bonus: Another dolled-up doggo.


Honestly? Simply magical.

Did we miss anything? Are there some super-simple ideas for the procrastinators or indecisive among us? Drop some advice in the comments below.

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